Visual enhancements for the IFE Tornado Canopy/HUD

…you should not miss:

Call in the maintenance crew to polish/clean the Canopy from Inside. Let them remove the dust/fogginess, even if it’s hard to reach, like in front of the nose. Stop their lazy habits! It looks so much better if viewed at a shallow angle in daylight. Helps a lot on visual landings. Your life depends on clear vision! This only demands some elbow grease, and everybody knows: elbow grease is free!

This mod removes only the white/gray dust(?) on your canopy. Imperfections and small scratches are still present. I think this was added to simulate a kind of glare/reflection at the canopy, but it doesn’t look very convincing to me, and you can barely look out over your nose. It looks much worse in VR than in 2D. Whatever it is, it’s gone now.

OK, are you ready?!, or you’re still discussing around with your maintenance why this isn’t possible? …here is the next one:

Don’t use unsupported and out of date Hardware! Call in the maintenance crew to install an optical collimator that doesn’t leak light everywhere on the combiner. Your life depends on clear Vision! This piece also comes at a reasonable price, it’s free!

This Mod reduces the green tint of the default HUD.

Still hoping this, both mods, will become obsolete with the next update from IFE.