Visual Flight Game. Anyone wants to join in?

Maybe you want to join in. It is about flying without compass&GPS, just using visual cues which you compare to Bing maps to know where you are. I made this little game up for myself to spice things up. You need any flight tracker, for example Little NavMap and Bing maps. In Bing maps you use the distance tool to have line that guides you during flight. Below is a short example for 3km to get the idea across.
If you like the idea, then set it up and do a flight, then post your GPX and score. Would be great to have some ‘competition’. It is all for fun though. It is for us sightseeing tourists in their top rudders or Icons. The guys who ignore every airspace and usually take off straight from parking with not a care in the world.
I usually do 30-50km trips in one sitting. I Alt-Tab to Bing maps, but maybe a tablet is better.


A long US one: Packwood - St. Helens.
Waypoints distance 88.13km
My Path: 91.8km
Ave Speed 75km/h (cruising speed is 87km/h) (too much climbing)

Score: 95.93

46.606911, -121.675934 (Packwood)
45,993690, -122,33995
45,993153,-122,377205 (St Helens)

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Ok, the clouds in Bing maps got me good on this one. In case you did not know, if your satellite images suddenly disappear and are replaced by a generic ‘satellite image’ even though Bing Data is on, it is because of clouds in Bing Satellite Data. Literally missed the airfield itself when landing because of generic landscape everywhere.

My finish

bing maps

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