Visual Studio 2019

Hello everyone, is Visual Studio 2019 software required to run the SDK? I only use the included sets from MSF and the free libraries from flightTo! thanks in advance

Did you mean C++ Runtime ?
Some may requires it, but this could be specific to each 3PP addon
For the Core Sim, all should be provided and in place
In any case : The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

hum no ! I’m talking about Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 software! C ++ are already installed 2008/2013 / 2015-2019 thank you

Unless you’re coding something new to bring into the Sim which required logic execution and is mostly not required if designing standard objects libraries, I don’t see why we would need a coding IDE ? I re read your initial question and no, the Visual Studio 2019 IDE is not require to use the SDK

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i will uninstall it! Thank you :wink:

According to the SDK documentation: “C/C++ Projects
To build SimConnect add-ons, the recommended Visual Studio version is Visual Studio 2019, with a minimum version of 2005.” The Enterprise version should also be working. I am using the Community Version and it works just fine. Remember to install the SDK since it is a separate install from MSFS. I recommend that you also install the Visual Studio Plugins when asked.

The IDE is helpfull escpecially with Intellisense and Debugging.

I guess the OP don’t need this, only to use the SDK for building scenery or other parts from inside the sim, otherwise I’ve not really understood

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Ahh true. Only if you want to run the SimConnect Samples or building WASM related instruments, then Visual Studio is required.

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Right, good precision !

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