Vive Pro 2 .... 5k!

Pre orders now open, next gen perf they claim.

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What future card will be able to push 5k?

I bought the original vive. Then upgraded to the pro. Very minor difference between the two. Slightly crisper image in the pro but the ergonomics of the OG was much better.

Looking at the specs of the Pro 2, it looks like another huge limp forward for VR. I wish they would stop focusing on crazy resolutions and refresh rates that modern gpus can’t even cope with, and put some time and effort in to higher quality lenses and optics.


Have a quest 2
It’s just had an update to 120hz for PC link (air or cable ) & wow it’s brill

Not sure if I should cancel my preorder for the VP2 now

120Hz with a so-called hybrid like the Q2 is not the same as 120Hz with a dedicated PCVR headset like the Index or VP2. This is because of the Q2’s limited bitrates and data compression versus DisplayPort. Personally I only find 120Hz with my Q2 useful for simple games like Beat Sabre. Certainly not for more complex games/sims imho.

So, I would not be too quick to cancel your VP2 preorder. Your $'s so your choice of course.

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Yes still have on preorder
I’m also now invested in wand controllers & a base station ( cheap off eBay ! )

Your saying quest2 120hz is not true
120hz ???

If it’s not true 120hz then what is it ?

I’ll be giving the vp2 a thorough test once I’ve received

120Hz doesn’t mean the game has to render at 120Hz.

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Yes I know
120hz in the quest 2 & any other headset
Means the screen is refreshing 120 times per second , if the PC is keeping up then that’s 120 frames per second or if PC isn’t then it’s a suitable fraction of frames repeating to produce 120 refreshes

Quite simple
Unless there’s additional info I do not know

My quest2 is working flawlessly at 120hz & my PC is running without problems at 120 fps to drive it with decent headroom
Except of course on MSFS but the 120hz still seems to give smoother visual performance

And this is where it is different in VR, it is not just repeating, it is reprojecting and motion smoothing!

In other words, a game rendering at 30fps displaying at 90Hz, will look better if the same 30fps are displaying at 120Hz, not because instead of displaying 3 times the same picture per frame you’re displaying it 4 times now, but because you can create 3 new frames which didn’t exist instead of 2! And in practice this shows a lot with the Index for example.

This is why like I said in the post I’m linking above, saying your game can’t render 120Hz and therefore there is no need for a 120Hz headset is moot. Whatever the game fps, you’ll need as much HMD hz, because VR technology makes it look like 120Hz native (at least in the SteamVR ecosystem with Index, I don’t get the same high level of experience with the G2)


Yes I know that thanks
120 refreshes of the same number of new frames some duplications of course is better than 90

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