Vive Pro 2 Tip

I had major issues getting VP2 to work playing MSFS20 via Steam on PC. But it turns out the solution is all in the order in which you boot the VR software. Get it wrong - stutter, stutter. Get it right - super smooth.
Pre step: Check Vive Console settings: Vive Console is often default set to load up whenever the Headset is turned on. Be sure to deselect this option. Note - I have an RTX2060, i5 9700k and 32Gb Ram and can comfortably set the Vive Console Display Settings to “Ultra”. Motion smoothing is turned off.
Steps to good VP2 performance:

  1. ) Close Vive Console if it is running.
  2. Close Steam VR if it is running.
  3. Turn on VP2 headset (power button on the cable box).
  4. Double-check the Vive Console software has NOT loaded up.
  5. Load MSFS20 from Steam. The sim should automatically load up Vive Console and Steam VR as part of loading process.
  6. Once the sim is finished loading hit Alt+Tab when in the game (either in menus or in the aircraft) and enjoy the VR.

Allowing the Vive console software to be running BEFORE launching MSFS20 just seems to be a no-no with utterly unplayable performance. I also have SteamVR set so that SteamVR Home is turned off (no mountain top villa).
Hope this is helpful if you’ve struggled with Vive Pro 2 like I have.

Interesting, Ill have to try this. Though I thought I had quite good performance starting vive console first.

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