Vive Pro 2 (VP2) Inflight menu bar issue

The inflight menu bar, with the VP2 in VR, displays correctly.
Once you click on any icon to bring up its corresponding window, it appears right into your face ( you can’t even see the all window) and it is doubled, making it absolutely impossible to click on anything.
The display of those windows is obviously completely broken and you can’t even hack a mouse click on them.
Hopefully will get a real VR update sometimes this year, haven’t had one since its first release in Dec. 2020.

Clicking on the cog on the right of the VR toolbar and then clicking on Reset Panels is a workaround.

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Your work around works great and fixed my problem.
Thank you very much for your tip, that’s one I would have certainly not find out by myself.\

What is the COG?