VL3 - Rotax 915 mod

Thank you! I was planning to continue with Witcher 3 but i gues important stuff just came up instead. :wink: Big thumps up!

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Anyone else having issues with the AP? Not sure if this is down to the latest G3X update posted above, or the latest FS update #5 itself.

Whenever I activate the AP, it whacks on full nose-up pitch trim.

It initially happens as soon as I enable AP, then enable ALT hold. This is regardless of the assigned altitude (even if it were below my current altitude). I then have to disable AP and manually bring the pitch trim back down.

It would then subsequently continue to throw full nose-up trim whenever AP was enabled, even if ALT hold was disabled prior to AP activation. Quite annoying as I couldn’t even use Heading hold or anything else the AP had to offer, as it insisted on pointing the aircraft to the sky, every time.

Anyone else experiencing this? It was working perfectly fine before.

hm, strange… I’ll check again then, thanks.

It seems something definitly is wrong… tried it 3 times, no light… also, I don’t seem to be able to change liveries. I guess I’ll reinstall the mod.

Check you also have the latest version of the GX system. The version I have is 0.1.0 dev3.


Thanks… downloading now.

Hmmmm R 0.25 has a little mass problem…

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There also seems to be something wrong with the liveries… when I try to fly with one of the planes, I get a CTD… also, no thumbnail when choosing a plane, and a CTD as well when I want to look at it in the hangar. I’m going back to the old version for now.

Double checked current version in multiple ways, can’t replicate this. Anyone else having this issue?

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No issues here with the latest version.

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thanks for checking. I#ll keep an eye on things.

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Sorry about the Center of Gravity issue guys! I just fixed it in the Live Build.

It’s just one number in a plain text file though, so if you don’t want to download the update do the following:

  1. Open to the community-vl3rotax915/SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_VL3_915/flight_model.cfg file with notepad.
  2. Under [WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE] change > reference_datum_position = 0.5, 0, 0 ;



Tried your gravity center fix : It works well. TY again.


Works perfect. Thank you very much! I have a question because I don’t know how it sounds in reality. The outside sound seems to be good, the sound inside sounds for my ears unusually.



really enjoyed flying this mod over the weekend, it’s a absolute rocket, so I’m wondering if there is a PoH available for it so I can check how it’s supposed to be flown :slight_smile:


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We are not allowed to share the POH unfortunately, however, you may refer to the power and speed placards inside the cockpit. That should be sufficient! :slight_smile:

Tough airplane to fly to the numbers… you gotta slow down ALOT to 86 knots to get that gear and flaps down.

Idle power and level the nose, not too hard. But once you get your gear and flaps down you can descend like crazy. I know the chop and drop was something I saw a video of the real one doing and they touted it.

But I agree if you didn’t plan descent well you may have to go around and configure gear/flaps on the downwind


Overhead break… works well. Come in hot, low approach, and then bleed off the airspeed as you pull hard into the pattern!