VL3 - Rotax 915 mod

Activated by using keys for glareshield in controller settings.

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Hey All,

Want to see awesome modders allowed to fix airplanes from versions other than standard aircraft? They are currently locked, but there is a petition to Asobo to open them up! Please go vote.


Hi there !

Since last update ( I have a little problem with G3X mod, maps are black on PFD & MFD :frowning:

Any idea about this ?

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Probably will need updating since the mod!

I tried to reinstall the mod v1 & v2, clear rolling cache and retry with a new one, uninstall all mods then fly with stock vl-3 to cache the useless G3X for graphics, reinstall the 915 & GX3 mod… nothing ! My screens are black forever, no more rivers or ground details. I cry ! My little bird fell down :frowning:

This is an issue with all the working title garmin mods. It will be fixed at some point.

Ahhh… thanks a lot for this information… I thinked my 915 useless. I have just to wait so. Thx again.

All the Working title mods (G1000, G3000 and G3X) are broken ATM with the new patch.
They’re already working on it.

Soooo reactive dev :stuck_out_tongue:

New GX3 mod compatible



I only had one issue (not sure how much of an issue it really is as I’m not super familiar with this aircraft) - I was able to very, very easily get this thing up to 35k ft (and it wanted to keep climbing) during my last flight. Should it be that easy?

Reaching crazy FL’s is an issue with the Asobo flight model simulation and affects all planes. We have to wait for them to make this realistic.

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Can you folks remind me of the differences between the G3x mod and the G3000 mod? I haven’t used them in awhile. Are they compatible?

I honestly don’t know the difference but I asked on the Bush League Legends Discord and they said all 3 of the Working Title GX mods can be used together: G1000, G3000 and GX all affect different Garmins so they can all be used at the same time.

They are different Garmin units.

The VL-3 has the G3X, as does the XCub

The TBM930 has the G3000.

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Ooooh, thanks, that makes it simple. Great. Sorry for the dumb question, but they were discussed in the same thread and that lead to my confusion.

Anyone else not seeing any lights (position, strobe, landing) since patch 5?

Nope, stobe, position and landing lights are working after the patch. As are liveries which are broken on other aircraft.

Wasn’t quck ebnough to catch the stobe lights in my screen shot, but they were working.

Slightly off-topic guys, but did not want you to miss my other project…just launched it…now LIVE!


Great idea and work Sir! I really like the Savage Cub and how easy it is to fly. And then we have the steam gauges that i prefer over screens. The only thing that i didnt like was the low speed, so that plane will probably be really fantastic with some more horses under the hood sts. :slight_smile:

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I felt exactly the way you do. Great plane, but underpowered. Much has changed! She easily does 120kts now, while doing a STOL approach … if you really try hard … at 30kts or less. Climb rate: 3000fpm. Realistic for a plane this weight and power. Enjoy her!

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