Voice commands with Axis and Ohs

There are some packages allowing usage of voice commands like Voice Attack. While it is universal (not MFS only) it also requires some learning and it’s another program running in the background.
For those of you already using (or considering) Axis and Ohs I report that it works well not only with buttons, switches, rotary encoders, MIDI devices, keyboard, scripts, Konbster… but also allows easy definition of voice commands (based on windows speech recognition), which can be even assigned to LVAR for complex planes like Aerosoft CRJ.
With voice it is much easier to fly an airliner, pretending you have a co-pilot who activates autopilot modes following your voice commands, while you focus on the primary flight display, the yoke and thrust levers. This is especially true in VR if you have hardware panels to be operated in blind. While such panels works well (with some muscle memory), it’s not easy to press several buttons in rapid sucession during critical flight phases like take-off.
Windows English speech recognition works well even for me - non-native English speaker.

Glad to hear your experience. I was curious how well it works. I just guess I’m going to hope someone works on files to download and add to a profile for those of us that can’t quite get the hang on adding these bindings.

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