Voice of ATC sounds strange and my voice changed too

The ATC sounds artifical a little bit like a speeking software and the voice of my female pilot is now a male voice. Since i changed nothing i wonder what happened.
Sound of Tower is the same as my pilots sound and sometimes german words appear. But i play with english language.

After shutting down the sim and restarting it the sound was back again. Maybe just a bug. Just in case someone run into this problem first just try to restart the sim.

Have you changed your Pilot or Co-Pilot in any way? Different Pilots have different voices.

Also, what plane are you using? Voices vary between planes.

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Did you loose online functionality?

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Voice changes can occur because Azure Voice ATC connectivity was lost.


Pilot and Co-Pilot are the same in this case.

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Probably but i did not realize. After a restart the problem was solved as i already wrote. Thx for your efforts!

Guess that was the problem since a restart make it works again. I just wondered about german words since i used english to avoid this strange mix :wink:
Anyway thx to you too. This is a great community. I feel very well and hope i can help someone else too in the future!

I had this issue as well, which I initiially found pretty amusing that all of a sudden we all sounded like seven year-olds. The first time I experieinced it was when activating AI co-pilot to hanlde radios. I also noticed that when switching to the next center it would sometimes return to the normal voices, and never at any other time.