Volanta flight tracking and stutters

Hello all,

I have found something interresting, I have habits to fly Volanta flight tracker open on my second screen with the map open, and I just found that closing volanta seems to help a lot with stutters.

It’s perhaps my 2 cents constatation, but with my configuration it surprising that simply closing the volanta maps can reduce stutters.

Ryzen 9 5950x with RTX3070 and 32 GB of RAM.

Perhaps give a try, and really interrested to have your feedback.

Have a nice day !


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I run it on my main screen and a laptop that’s on my desk. No stutters or difference with it on/off.

Personal Comments

I run Volanta for all flights and just tested this. I run it on a second monitor connected to my MSFS PC. No impact with my setup at all.

Is the stuttering significantly greater with Volanta open, or could it just appear that way? How bad are the stutters with Volanta closed?

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Volanta got a massive update today. Check it out. You can now permanently delete all of the aircraft that wouldn’t go away before as well as set HUBs for all of them. You can see where your last flight ended with each plane and where it’s currently located as well. Cool stuff.

I’ve done some testing on this. Closing Volanta for me also helps significantly with stutters. With Volanta open, I get a ‘red’ MainThread spike every few seconds or so, and freezes the sim for maybe 500ms tops. Closing Volanta eliminates this straight away, and results in buttery smooth gameplay.

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Volante used up to 2 GB of RAM on my system. Once I noticed that, I never used it again.

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Yeah, a common problem with apps developed in Electron. It’s a great framework to allow desktop apps to be developed quickly and with existing knowledge of Javascript, but the downside is it’s based on the Chromium V8 rendering engine so is a resource hog. Volanta is reasonably well optimised compared with Simtoolkitpro - another popular tool developed with Electron. I tried that going back a year or so ago, and STKP hogs more RAM and performs badly after being open a while, suggesting to me that garbage collection/memory management hasn’t been done very well.

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