Volocopter seems unflyable now

Hello Team Asobo,

In trying to fly the Volocopter last night, it appears to start a osscilation of rotations, going out of control and it gets gradually worse. I started off in flight. I then tried going to the ground in Slew mode and starting from a idle to flight mode, but as soon as I begin moving, the circular odd radial motion starts over again, making the aircraft unflyable.


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Confirm… Ive seen this “wobbling” before a few times, it used to be sometimes instable, now it is nearly always unstable, and sometimes it is stable.

I think this has to do with mass in the simulation (weight). and resonance. It is oscillating, actually.

There is a setting for weight and balance. Change payload. When you select volocopter, click menu Weight and Balance on the left, then put another payload percentage in.

Default is 34.5% here, max is 45.3%.

When I try 39% payload i get a better flight :slight_smile:

A lighter pilot will make it worse.

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