VOR/DME coordinate data

Is there an easily accessed database of the lat/long coordinates of all VOR/DME beacons in the simulator? I ask this because a planned nav system for an addon used VOR/DME tuning to figure out it’s position and I wanted to see if it would be feasible to accurately represent it, or if another workaround is necessary.

All US navaids are readily available on-line either from the FAA NFDC or more conveniently with AirNav.com… seems most jurisdictions treat this data like military secrets – or they want to sell it.

Well I specifically mean can this data be accessed from the game itself. They’re already given set points in MSFS, I just want to know if that coordinate data can be accessed and utilized from the game itself. There might also be some slight deviation in sim from IRL positioning which would cause position desync.

Yes, this is possible. The sim has nearest waypoints APIs, with which you can get the nearest waypoints of a specific type within a provided radius. You could then use that information to tune the 2+ nearest VORs, get the reported DME distance/radial, use the plane’s baro alt, and triangulate a position.

The last/lon/alt of each facility is included in the returned data.

Thank you for this information! This should be very helpful for accurately representing the system in sim.