VOR tracking issue

Apologies if this should be in the PMDG DC-6 section, but as it’s a general question about VOR tracking I tried here first.

I am really enjoying DC-6. What an incredible offering from PMDG. However I have an issue that is very likely my own fault in tracking VOR’s. I can plot a route with a number of VOR’s, then I make a note of the frequencies.

I tune the bendix nav radio to the first VOR frequency and the standby to the next on my list. After I take off I tune VOR1 using the OBS dial on the CDI then fly to centre the needle. So far so good. I’m tracking the VOR perfectly and later when I cross that VOR, the problems start.

I go to the radios and hit the transfer button to make the next vor the one in use. I go back to the CDI to use the obs knob to find my course and … NOTHING! All I end up with is the two red and white striped bars on GS and NAV. No amount of turning the OBS knob will move the needle and allow me to find my next course. so how do I track to the next VOR?

I will probably be missing some step somewhere but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Any help appreciated.

Switch back to Gyro before overflying the VOR, then swap frequencies and then switch to Loc again

Thanks, i’ll try that. I’ll post back with the result.

Operation manual p.81:

When passing over the localizer transmitter or changing Nav frequencies, it
is desirable to disengage Beam Coupler control to avoid erratic control action.
Radio Beam Coupler control is disengaged by disengaging A-12 control or by
returning the Selector Switch to the “GYROPILOT” position

You switch to the next VOR while overflying the first one?

  1. The distance to the second VOR might be too far.
  2. Fly the outbound radial of the first VOR, to halfway distance between VOR 1 & 2.

Your out of range of the next tuned beacon?

As said above, as you approach the first beacon, switch back to wings level on the Gyro, turn to the heading towards the next beacon flying a ‘from’ radial (which of course you worked out in flight planning), once established, switch to the next VOR. You will acquire the signal at about 124NM from the beacon you’re now tuned to.

Thanks guys. So much to learn. All advice welcome.

Even in more modern planes, switching nav sources generally kicks off the Nav function in the AP and you revert back to Role mode.

Thanks everyone. Followed the advice here and it worked. It was simply a matter of not being in range. After crossing the first VOR, I forgot about following the (from) radial to the next one until it became in range, which was 124NM as ClayishCoast9 stated above.

My first time trying to fly VOR to VOR. Baby steps but I’ll get there. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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