VOR's in United States Frequencies Incorrect

Haven’t done a VOR flight in a few weeks, today I tried one from KBHB to KBTV using VOR’s AUG, BML and BTV in the Cessna 208 with NXi. Using freq’s from Little Nav Map they would not tune in. While inflight, verified freq’s with other online sources and the freq were correct. I then tried other aircraft with different avionics as well as uninstalled the NXi. I then went to an area I had flown VOR before and they didn’t work either. After clearing out my community folder, they still didn’t work.

I then verified info on the world map and the freq’s in the US differ on the world map but in Germany and Australia they match real world freqs. The US matched before. The VOR’s work using the incorrect freqs found on the world map. So it is an issue of incorrect freq data.

Can someone provide some insight as to what I can do to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.