VORTAC issues

This has not worked for me. For the last several days I have been trying to add a VORTAC near my home airport and when I search using the three letter ID, all I am shown are airports with names that have the three letters. Other VORTAC searches work fine. Don’t know what Asobo did to screw this up but it is aggravating. If I do a VOR to VOR flight, it routes me to a navaid in the opposite direction and then towards the destination airport.

Use Little Nav Map to read your nav database (I’m assuming MSFS default / NavBlue and not Navigraph). LNM will auto detect MSFS install directory and read the database automatically.

Go in and search for your NAVAID using the NAVAiD tab on the right. If multiples, double-click on each one and the center map will jump to it so you can verify it’s the one you want.

If you’re on NavBlue, chances are good the data is wrong/incomplete, which is why I paid for Navigraph. If you’re going to do IFR, you need good real world data. NavBlue is a faint shadow…

I do have a Navigraph subscription but I’m not sure how to get that into MSFS so it is used on the World Map screen for flight planning. I know how to import a PLN file from Navigraph Charts into MSFS but they come in using High Altitude airways. When I change to Low Altitude, MSFS makes changes to the plan.

You need to download the MSFS Beta Installer from Navigraph, then use that to install the FMS data set in place of Navblue.

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Thanks for this. I followed the instructions and installed the Navigraph NavData Installer including the latest AIRNC edition. Sadly, my search in the MSFS still does not show my VORTAC (Harrisburg HAR) just airports. When I search other nearby navaids, such as HGR or THS they do appear. Not sure why HAR does not. It is shown in the Little Nav Map application. I’m perplexed now.

I’d drop a line to @NAVData / Richard at the Navigraph forum and see what he thinks. They’re very responsive about potential Data issues.

Thanks. I may give him a shot. I can load the VORTAC from in the airplane. It just does not appear in the World Map when doing a search.

Read it gents thanks, I will check this tomorrow and will give you a feedback here. In the past, we had figured out, that only specific waypoint/navaid types are searchable in the worldmap but I thought this was fixed in update 3.

Let me check this please - I assume that VORTACs are general not searchable …

Cheers and I’m back soon

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Thanks @NAVData Richard

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Thank you. I did manage to find the two VORTACs on the world map provided I zoomed way in and made sure I changed the Legend to show Navaids. However, the search function still did not show the stations when I entered them.

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I found that if you know the frequency you can enter it in the rad/nav page and it will work even though it is not listed. I looked it up and the HAR frequency is 112.50. Try it out.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Actually, I have been able to add the VORTAC by either entering it directly into the GNS530 (or other nav unit as provided) and discovering yesterday that if I zoom the world map in enough, I can see the station and select it and choose “Add” from the drop-down menu. I can add it to my flight plan that way. My primary complaint has been the Search Box provided with the world map. Entering the HAR ID only brings up airports, no navaids including the one I want. Same thing for another nearby VOR which is RAV (Ravine). I can get around these issues using the other methods enumerated above.
Thanks again rsouza.

HAR and RAV are a fairly common search string. Is there a limit to the values being returned? Airports are first so no room at the bottom to display VORTAC’s?

That sounds like a logical explanation. When I did the search it said there were 100 results. I don’t think there were 100 airports showing. I wonder if there is some way to make it scroll? I’ll have to check that out. Thanks so much!