Vote for Microsoft Flight Simulator in The Steam Awards

Nominations for The Steam Awards are now open!

We think Microsoft Flight Simulator is a worthy recipient of the “Labor of Love Award”, and we hope you agree!

Since its initial PC release in August 2020, the MSFS team has provided continuous support and improvement to the simulator. We have released thus far:

  • 13 Sim Updates (with a 14th currently in public beta testing)
  • 15 World Updates
  • 4 City Updates
  • 2 Aircraft and Avionics Updates
  • 1 Reno Air Races Expansion Pack (2021)
  • Free Game of the Year Edition Upgrade (2021)
  • Free Top Gun: Maverick DLC (2022)
  • Free 40th Anniversary Edition Upgrade (2022)

Together, these updates have delivered to simmers a multitude of new features, bug fixes, and other improvements plus thousands of new hand-crafted Points of Interest, dozens of bespoke airports and new aircraft, and a wealth of new activities such as Discovery Flights, Bush Trips, Landing Challenges, and a thrilling air racing competitive mode.

On average, we have released one major update to Microsoft Flight Simulator each and every month since launch!

We have also released over 20 Local Legends, Famous Flyers, and Expert Series aircraft, as well as operated a robust in-sim Marketplace (consistently updated with new releases every week) that currently features nearly 3,000 unique products from over 200 third-party developers!

All in all, providing ongoing support for Microsoft Flight Simulator truly has been a labor of love from the development team. We are incredibly humbled and grateful to all our players and fans, and we hope you will take a few moments to nominate us for the Steam “Labor of Love” award.

To submit your vote, click this link, sign in to your Steam account, then click the “Labor of Love” category and enter Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition as your nominee.