Voting system is flawed

This whole idea of a voting system for features or bugs is flawed by the simple fact that one votable topic can be closed down very quickly while others are allowed to remain open.

This leaves the system open to the accusation of vote shaping.

A case in point. This topic was closed less than 24 hours after it was created. No reason was given.


Fully agree.

I also noticed that (not so active, or new) members are complaining about max vote count. One idea may be to reset the whole bunch ? Start over ? When mods would make these topics, instead of members, we cannot vote 2x on the same issue. Some popular topics, like tree quality, have split votes… hundreds…

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And apparently I ran out of votes so I had to remove some votes from other threads. :thinking:


Well indeed you may have overdone it for the day.
I salute your enthusiasm but…perhaps a little less enthusiasm? :wink: or spread the enthusiasm out over a longer period?

I’ve had days like that with “likes” though. Apparently the love is limited too. :slight_smile:


Mine is not :smile_cat: :yum:

The community can help us by flagging duplicate topics when they see them before they get too large.

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The ‘no reason given’ thing, isn’t a new thing around here. I’ve seen it in other places around here and other situations. It definitely happens. Personally, I think your post is absolutely valid.


@N316TS that is right, but can moderators add up votes to the redirected topic then ? One of the issues with trees topics is… there are 600-1000 votes sitting in 3-4 closed topics. I made an inventory a while ago… can’t find it back, but if all votes regarding tree distance would be added up, it would be a top-3 wish (at least)


If there is to be a voting system that is useful to the developer then votable topics need to be allowed to run their course without intervention.

Otherwise it defeats the purpose no?


It is impossible to have a “well tested” game.

On the toppic matter, the whole voting system only works for the people that is engaged in the forum I guess. So, if you are willing to invest time in the official forum, you could potentially cast a vote. Not sure if the voting system’s figures are really “what everyone want”. Never mind

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I see you are listed as a “Photographer” on the forum.
What is a Photographer on this forum, a wildlife photographer, a wedding photographer, a news photographer, an aviation Photographer ?? Just curious.

UPDATE: Well, I guess we will never know the answer to my question. This person must not see comments directed to him or something else is preventing his reply… Anyway, it is what it is.

Same as RL voting… if you don’t vote, your vote is lost. You can’t make assumptions about people’s wishes when they don’t vote… I really think there should be a vote system here…

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Offtopic and just this one:

-too many trees generally speaking

-lack of regional and climatic zone variety in flora

-too many trees in between buildings

-the tree color, now, isn’t as nice as it used to be

-too many trees in the WRONG places (e.g rocky terrain in mediterranean settings, above arctic circle etc.

-lack of variety of smaller flora like bushes, types of grasses, waterplants and such.


I am struggling with this progrm alreay long time.
I am watching the rhinoserus picture no for days . Could someone tell me why fs2038 is Not working?
Apreciate a reply
Theo Klumpers

Like all things where voting is used it is only going to represent those who are engaged.

But presumably it was added here in order that an engaged community might be able to inform the developer of topics which were important to them.

In order for that to work those topics need to be allowed to run their course. Not be closed arbitrarily.

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When you don’t vote, you’re essentially relying on the other people who support your position to go and vote in the same way you would. This isn’t exactly the best way to ensure a win for the position of your choice.

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You might need a different topic for those things.

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I think the wishlist category was intended to be for features. Not general feedback.
So the feedback was acknowledged (which is more than many other wishlist threads do) and the topic closed. Not sure what’s wrong with that.


I’m pretty sure “please test stuff properly” is perfectly valid as a wishlist item.

But my point embraces the broader issue that if votable topics can be arbitrarily closed there exists a fundamental problem with the system which helps nobody.

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Nice overview ! Please copy these issues into below topic, it’s the biggest one open about trees currently (wish #13).

(btw: for anyone posting votes links here: please do NOT ask people to vote, that is not allowed in the Code of Conduct !) just put the link,

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