vPilot (VATSIM) and Reverb G2 question

What do you guys use for microphone (PTT) and speakers when setting up vPilot for use with Reverb G2 so that you can speak and hear into Reverb G2 headset?

Thanks in advance.

This app can be used to echo vr button presses to keyboard commands. I use it for Vatsim PTT with my Valve Index, but it should work for others. I have it set so the thumb button on my left controller echos a key that I set as the PTT key in Vatsim. Works perfectly.

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Don’t the Reverb speakers and mic show up as normal sound devices (Realtek something) when it’s running? You should be able to just configure it in vPilot.

The bigger problem is how to bring the UI into VR. You can theoretically do it using the Mixed Reality portal, but it’s super clumsy and buggy.

Yup it does. Select the USB sound devices and you should be fine. Remember to first start WMX and the headset before starting vPilot, otherwise vPilot will fail to send audio to the sounds devices.

If you initially select the right frequency, they’ll tell you the next frequency. Don’t really need the UI.

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What about ATIS and text messages? Also it’s also often beneficial to see the list of frequencies, to set them as standby. Especially useful when you have your hands full like during a takeoff.

(ATIS) Frequencies can be found on plates (navigraph charts in-game panel for example)

I never use text messages when on vatsim? I see some people have typed, when I come out of VR, but since that has nothing to do with RT, I tend to ignore it.

That all being said: if you really want to have the UI I know for WMR you can hover Desktop windows in VR.

(Old video, horrid FPS, but principle stays the same:)

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I can report only my solution what is (as VPilot offer this feature) Client and Server solution. On my NTB I have all with USB headset and VPilot main window where I see all ATC and also can make text messages to not interfere with PC sim :slight_smile: My own made yoke has perfect button as PTT and can via VPilot be configured send data to NTB with no harm and also hard wires. I like very much this solution and is very handy if I can say. Simply I hear in my headset all about ATC network sounds and on big LED connected with sim PC all sounds to sim related :slight_smile: PERFECT!

Thanks much. I will set it up today.

Happy Holidays

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