VR - Advanced VR rendering performance

Please introduce/support techniques to advance the VR rendering performance of MSFS2020 in a dynamic way.
Techniques like the ones explained in this GTC talk video of Alex Vlachos:

It wouldn’t be so difficult to use fixed foveated rendering and could help a lot. It is weird that any of these current features are not applied in the simulator. We could have better performance with our current gpus.

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they do not need to sacrifice resolution. Resolution-wise the simulator is fine, as can be observed by rendering an VR-equivalent amount of pixels to flatscreen.

They just need to go to DX12 so that they are not drowning in drawcalls when they need to go through the render pipeline twice, once for each eye, as opposed to flatscreen.


I liked that my PiMax render pipeline had its own Fixed Foveated options. I missed that when I switched to the G2 (way better clarity in the sweet spot). So would love to see some in game options for these features as well.

I hope this will come along with DX12 as TheLittlePilot1 wrote.
As i remember, Nvidia has some features which increase VR performance. Hope they will also be used.

In SU5 i saw a big improvement in Mainthread time, but it seemed this was only for non-VR. In VR that was much higher and my 8-core 5800x was not used highly, not one core to the maximum. I disabled Hyperthreading which gave a bit better experience in the sim.

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I had a simple idea to increase frame rates in VR:
With my G2 when i activate the Developer Mode FPS Counter, i can nearly not see it in my left eye, it is displayed way too much right. But the black stencil is much more right.
So it would be nice if we could edit the black stencil in a way that the sim calculates only the pixels we can see and not the pixels we cannot see at the edges. i think with the G2 this could be easily 25% less Pixels and therefore perhaps 25% more FPS?!
Perhaps the easiest way for the developers would be to give the users a .bmp file with the stencil mask that everyone could edit it to his own likes with a program like paint?