VR and desktop resolution

I use a Quest 2 with both link and Virtual desktop.
Do we need to set a low (non VR) desktop resolution or does VR ignore this and use the VR settings resolution?

Following .

I’ve run FS2020 in 2D at 4K and 1080p and VR performance seems to be the same when I switch to it. I believe the image shown on the 2D screen while in VR is just a projection of the post-rendered VR image, so minimal impact on performance.

The only thing which had an impact few versions ago (not sure if it’s fixed) was the Vsync setting for monitor which was limiting the VR frequency too. As few of us (if any) can reach 60fps in VR I don’t know if it’s fixed currently. I’m able to go above 60fps in VR if I lower all including VR RenderScale to 30% the minimum and no supersampling behind, at least I was able, didn’t try recently. It was using a very VR friendly plane, the Piaggo, at Monument Valley. At that time I reached my 90fps native (Oculus CV1), need to test that again.

Anyway as I fly 99% of the time in VR I set my MSFS monitor settings to 1280x720 windowed in my 1920x1080 TV so I can remove the headset and click outside and do other stuffs (like monitoring, tuning Supersampling, music, or surfing etc.).

having seen various discussions on this for years on the x-plane forums, the general consensus there is its just a mirrored image and is not processed so it doesn’t really “steal” any GPU/CPU power from VR.

There is a difference, because you free some gpu resources , i tested it. For best results, set your windows desktop and also ingame resolution to full hd or even hd. Another trick is to put 2d graphics at lowest, including disabling taa for 2d graphics. You can expect between 5 to 10% better performance.

Before a VR session, I put my rig into low-end mode for one reason only. It makes EVERYTHING in msfs faster. Just loading into a flight is faster, I get less errors, CTDs, freezes when switching into and about of VR. If it reduces the load on my GPU, that’s great but I just find navigating around the sim faster and more reliable.

How do you do that?

I just mean changing the “PC” graphics settings to “low” in MSFS. Looks like garbage on the 2d panel, but doesn’t affect VR at all. Then when loading into a flight or anything else you do pre/post enabling VR, your PC isn’t busy trying to render all those graphics your not going to use inside VR.

I just find it makes the sim run better and I don’t care about the 2d graphics when I’m flying VR anyway.

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Yup, I do the same and it sure helps switching in and out of vr.