VR Appreciation

Never said it was popular, I said that I wanted to grow it through consistently broadcasting.

You know what, fair enough. My initial response was of anger due to years of frustration from updates breaking features or just the net loss of time incurred in life from this.

And apologists just enable it. It’s irrelevant who is busier, time is precious is a time honored saying because not everyone knows this from experience and these days, less respect it.

My emotional outburst was human, it may have lacked decorum, but it was honest.

Oh, deleting the Rolling Cache and recreating it, MAY fix the problem, I haven’t fully tested it yet.


I think the main difference in this VR version of MSFS compared to XPL is that the lighting, and hence the atmosphere, is much better bringing terrain particularly into sharper relief. Being able to actually see terrain humps and hollows with good lighting is a revelation after my years in XPL.

There, I’ve said it!


Ok, well-apologised.


You know what? It might be because I am using it in remote and the bitrate of virtual desktop can’t keep up.
I also had render scale set to 80 so that all might add up, I will have to check again once I’m back home on the 7th!

Does it look good in your Quest 2? can you see the a320’s instruments just fine? My main issue was with the landscape, the world looked like in 480-720p, probably the fault of the internet

I can say for sure that VR can be quite a bit better than what we’re seeing right now in MSFS… but with that said, this is a surprisingly good start; we’re about where X-Plane was on their first day of VR.

Also, a special thanks to Asobo and/or Microsoft for the change of heart regarding the exclusive VR launch. I was fully prepared to see only a handful of people affected by this launch, while the rest of us sit back and wait.

That could indeed be the case, I can read most of the 2 PFD’s in front easily, only text like the QNH value is too small and the text in the top-left of the 2nd PFD. The engine values on the 3rd display are also quite easy to read.

The landscape itself looks quite alright for me, but I was used to an Oculus CV1 in X-plane, so I was used to much worse image quality.

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It would be hard to explain it better than this: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/wmr-scaling-and-dev-tools-some-explanations/339477?. The tradeoff between inside and outside clarity is quite interesting. And the explanations as to why are pretty technical.

Given how easy it is to switch settings without restarting MSFS, I will use a high WMR scaling (150-200%) and low TAA (50%) when sightseeing in a piston single, and 100% TAA and 50% WMR in airliners so the text is clearer. I continue to play with the other settings depending on what I’m up to. Clouds hit FPS hard, but are very pretty (as we all know). This: VR Bang-For-Buck Performance Guide - Virtual Reality (VR) / Hardware & Performance - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums gives a nice break down of the general impact of the various other settings. Not all of which I experience to the same degree as he does. WMR and TAA settings for me have by far the biggest impact on performance and quality.

The same concepts are applicable to SteamVR, but I had noticeably worse performance when I tried it; it seems there are some known issues with current NVidia drivers and latest SteamVR client. Others are reporting better luck. It’s quite a moving target!

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I’ve tried the VR MODE on a oculus Rift s, and I have to say. Apart from a few starts, and not able to get the VR camera refocus working, in the end, I started it in pancake mode, mapped a few mouse keys and buttons to the VR interface, reloaded it, and was blown away. I’d read from some people it ran really roughly, but I have to say, for me. It’s pretty smooth going. I’m really impressed. I’d like to say thanks for the offering. I run on a non Overclocked i9 CPU ( 9900k0, standard speed RTX 2080 ti, 3800 MHZ Gskill 32 GB DDR4, AORUS motherboard with z390 chipset, 2TB NVME pcie hdd, 3tb secondary raid zero ssd,s , 1000 watt corsair psu, Oculus rift s and three IPS monitors, it really does run well, better than what I feared in some reviews. So many keys to press, I use Voice Attack for some controls in VR.

How do you gauge cockpit readability with the Odyssey+?

I currently have an HTC Vive, but got all my upgrades for VR now - Ryzen 5800X and RTX 3080. The biggest issue with the Vive is bad readability.

I’m not sure if the Reverb G2 is worth the price right now, considering the generally poor state of how the game performs in VR, but it’s my ultimate goal for VR Flight Sim.

Wondering how the Odyssey+ would stack up consider its screens are about twice the resolution of the Vive’s.

I might try to grab one for a good deal on the used market or something like that.

Thank you very much for this. What you have written, and the great links you provide, are extremely helpful. Next to this my random bumblings, by comparison, are hardly worthy of report :slight_smile:

Hey fellas, I’m a total and complete noob, and worst of all I’m middle aged. Yea I know, flame on LOL.

Anyway, I saw this post about VR because I’m researching it myself right now. I am buying a Saratoga with two friends of mine and when I got my IFR ticket, I loved using the sim at the schoolhouse to shoot 15 approaches in the time it would take me to shoot one IRL. However, I always found it difficult to appreciate the sim for VFR as it was like looking at the world through a straw. Enter: VR. There is now a way to emulate a more realistic visual experience in simulators and it’s got me interested.

To that end, I’d love to build a rig to do some VFR/IFR training and/or currency for me and the other two pilots and also introduce my daughters into flight training in the sim before taking them up in the sky.

I have read in multiple threads that this platform is built for hardware that is not yet introduced, so playing it on Ultra is going to be a framerate battle. That’s understandable.

I guess what I’m wondering is if someone who has ‘been there done that’ can tell me what I really need to get started. So far I’m fine investing in a real yoke/thorttle quadrant/rudder pedals and even a rig to mount everything in. I guess where I stumble is trying to learn what I need to run the sim on say, oh, medium settings on VR.

Is it ignorant of me to assume that instead of pushing the game onto three huge monitors that it will take less beefy of a machine to push the graphics to a smaller set of screens in the VR visor?

Are there any ‘ready to go’ systems out there that you can link to and/or recommend based on a good personal experience?

Thank you for any advice here.


I too would like to thank Asobo/Microsoft for adding VR to their (already brilliant) flight Sim.
I only just managed to update the sim today due to work commitments & spent 4-5 hours this morning with my Reverb G2
I absolutely love it! The feeling that you’re in a real aircraft is amazing. I had a couple of slight issues at first (all my graphic settings had been reduced to the minimums) and it is sometimes a bit jerky for a moment or two, but once sorted it’s fantastic. I tried several different aircraft and they all give an immersive experience (I recommend the Aermacchi MB-339 addon by IndiaFoxtEcho)
So thank you Asobo & Microsoft :+1::grinning:


Simmer down now…get it? Chill.

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I was a VR skeptic when the sim first released, but after a few hours flying in VR (1080ti, i7-8700K, 32GB RAM, Oculus Quest 2), I’ve become a VR believer. The potential is just incredible. It may take another hardware generation or two (plus UI tweaks) to fully realize it, but to me the sense of immersion already is worth putting up with the perf issues, fuzzy cockpit gauges, stutters, etc. Asobo, please continue working on it, VR mode is this sim’s destiny! Thank you for making it happen.


Yeah that tends to be what happens lol, welcome to the VR rabbit hole :sunglasses:

I’m on a GTX 1070 and i5-7600K, and with most stuff on low and 70% scale, it’s playable. Sure, it doesn’t run well, but it’s absolutely incredible in VR. I’m using the experimental OpenXR preview too, so maybe I’ve got 30fps reprojection, not sure.

I’m a flight sim n00b, but how incredible MSFS is in VR makes up for the performance issues IMHO. The fact that I’m stuck indoors for so much and have been isolated due to the pandemic makes MSFS in VR a real special treat right now. The ability to experience learning to fly, sitting in a cockpit, is a breath of fresh air.

Asobo Team - Thanks for this!!!

I’m ready to buy a G2 when they are available but after seeing many poor reply’s as to performance I wonder if I should hold off a bit longer. My rig is mediocre at best (i7-8700, 1070ti, 32 gig ram) but you appear to be enjoying it with lower settings. Would please share you computer specs?

Hi, no I’m afraid I’ve got quite a high spec pc.
I used to run an Oculus Rift (CV1) with an i7-7700K and it worked well. I didn’t run MSFS in VR of course, although I did run MSFS in standard mode.
However I now have an I9-10900K, 64gb ram & an RTX2080ti
When I installed the new update, it changed the settings in MSFS to the minimums. I have now turned (most) settings back up to ultra, although I’ve kept traffic and airport vehicles etc to 30-50%
It works well with the G2 though & looks great :grinning:


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