VR Black Out in Very Short Finale

I have a problem with My Headset HP Reverb G2
When i flight in VR, systematicaly in very short finale, My Headset display a black screen for a few (2 or 3) seconds
meanwhile the plane continues its landing
I did a test on 10 flight it happened every time
I try to change Mixed Reality portail to manually but same thing.
Has anyone encountered this problem
My card is a NVIDIA 2080 rtx Super,
Pc : I9 64 Gb
Headset : HP Reverb G2.
how to identify where the problem comes from
Why the headset black out from time to time and systémacaly in this situation.
Thank you for your response
Best Regards

Make sure you have the ‘grey out’ lost tracking connection disabled in Windows

You may not believe this but if you have a G2, lower the volume. It’s a known problem and I have the same issue. Lowering the volume to about 70% to 80%cures the issue.


Hi ONYDARKZERO thanks, I will try but how desactivate lost tracking in Windows ?
I will search this

Hi Loup
Thanks for your response
lowering global volume sound ?
Or just Headset Volum ?
I Will try this tomorrow
Best Regards

It’s in the Windows Mixed Reality setting menus

I just lower the volume in the windows taskbar when needed for this issue.


You can also update your headset firmware if not done already to address the sound related issue -

“Resolves a potential issue where displays may flicker or go black when playing certain titles at high volume levels.”

What if I have a HP Reverb VR1000 headset?
I’m currently playing “peek-a-boo”, too–with my headset’s VR view.
Unfortunately, the volume “fix” is a waste–and not applicable in this case.