VR broken after changing PC resolution settings

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Ok, so this started with me having the very high resolution, and hence text on VR toolbar windows, as described in another thread here. A proposed fix was to change the PC resolution in MSFS graphics settings. I did this, and for some reason that broke VR for me. I could enter VR but after about 5-10sec the frame headset would start to shake almost like it’s loosing tracking. This reset every time I entered a different menu (for example going from main menu to settings would “fix” it for another 5-10sec before it became unstable again.) The tracking was solid in all other games so this was a bug with MSFS not a tracking issue with the headset. I tried to reset the changes I made but nothing worked. Same issue. Then disabled all mods, reinstalled Pimax software, reinstalled SteamVR and OpenXR toolkit/PimaxXR/OpenComposite. Not thing helped.

I the reinstalled MSFS from scratch, and now then I enter VR the game immediately crashes if I use SteamVR. If I use OpenXR it works (however can’t acces the OpenXR Toolkit menu for some reason…) but my frame rate is around 5fps in the menu or in-game. This only happens in MSFS. Tried to change settings and disable HAGS, but still same issue.

Lost at what to do now except a complete Win11 reinstall….

RTX4090, 5800x3d and 32GB DDR4. Latest Win11 updates and GeForce drivers updated.

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Changed resolution in MSFS PC settings

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Pimax 8kx, RTX4090, 5800x3d, 32GB DDR4, 2TB m.2, Win11.

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