VR bug in liners take-off training mission

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If you fly the a-320neo take-off training mission in VR you cannot procede after the first instruction: when you are requested to look at the CDU, even if you look ai it or move your view exactly over it, this is not recognized and the mission is stuck. If you play the mission in 2d and move your view with the arrow keys over the CDU, this is recognized and the mission proceeds. But you cannot do the first half of the mission in 2d and the second half in VR since if you switch from 2d to VR and viceversa during the mission it starts all over again. Thus, the mission in VR is unflyable. That was not the case before the last update.

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No need to provide, just try the mission in VR and you’ll see you cannot do it.

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Try to do the mission in VR

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i76700K; 32GB RAM; RTX2070, sata SSD; Oculus Rift s; Windows 10 pro 21h1

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Microsoft Store

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Exact same situation with same parameters only difference is Oculus Quest 2 and Ryzen 5800, RTX 3080ti (which I doubt has anything to do with it).

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I too have the same issue. Ryzen 5900, RTX 3090, Quest 2, Windows 10 pro.

Yeah same here, HP Reverb G2. I was expecting when I look down with my eyes / headset movement in VR, for it to pick up that I checked out the CDU but it didn’t.

I am having the same issue, did anyone get to the bottom of it?

I saw in the most recent update notes that the next update will make all missions possible in VR. So I assume that means this will also be fixed in the next update.

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