VR - Cockpit Focus Only Works in Main Cockpit View

Cockpit Focus (A Zoom Feature) has two issues, or limitations using un-modified default Airbus as example:

Item # 1 - VR Cockpit Focus only works (zooms) in the main cockpit view. If you switch to the Overhead Panel, there is no zoom, if you switch to the radio stack, there is no view. None of the remaining views have zoom feature.

Item # 2 - When you return from another view, back to the original main cockpit view, VR Cockpit Focus no longer works. Once you leave main cockpit view and then return to main cockpit view, VR - Cockpit Focus appears to be disabled.

VR Cockpit Focus should work in all cockpit views, or a separate zoom feature added. Plus, if you go to another view to check your overhead panel, returning to main cockpit view should not disable VR Cockpit Focus.

Bill Clark

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