Vr comunity call

Who do i need to pay in order to get reply on my posts ??!!??
Since yestersay i asked the same thing 4 times and nobody even dare to answer, is that a comunity or do i need to be here a certain amount of time to get noticed ?
Are you still able to use Vr zoom / centering ?

Yes i can.

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thanks for reply, trying everything since su6 but no luck.

Yes and yes

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Thanks i sorted it now, had to set everything by default even tho i did not change anything since had the game.
Thanks guys :call_me_hand:

I can center, but not zoom in VR.

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Hi MonsterWalli,
What i did and what i suggest is go to Control settings and put everything back to default.
Find out that for some reason, when i forgot to plug device and do it while in game (due to long loading time) the game creates a new profil and messes up with existing one.
Put everything back to default, exit game, go to control again and assign Vr Zoom ( assuming you had it assigned already)
Hope it helps

They have added zoom feature for VR users now? Not talking about the quick glance at instruments but a true zoom across the fov.

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It still is for inside the cockpit but works like DCS zoom, click and zoom where you are looking.
Have to bid a key for it tho.
Sorry for confusion.

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