VR Controller support is missing. Please add in addition to 3D mouse

Good news, I think: The latest VR feedback snapshot has this issue status changed to “started” and target date set as 2021. So Asobo is now definitely working on it. Thank you everybody for voting and making this issue noticed and prioritized as “dev priority 1”, thus ensuring it gets the resources needed for implementation.


Exactly. I was stunned when I first got in and couldn’t even see my controllers. The mouse is incredibly annoying in vr, especially for atc because it never seems to easily put itself on the correct plane. So it takes forever to respond. Also having to fiddle with the mouse to try and do things is a nightmare. Planes were made for people who have hands! Let us use our hands!

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I got myself a wireless trackball device (with the biggest trackball I could find). That sits on my desk right beside the throttle, so I can reach it with a small movement of my arm. No searching for the mouse, the trackball is always in the same place.

After a while, using the trackball for cockpit interaction became second nature for me, and does not disrupt the immersion in any way.

Else, I use a HOTAS system. The most often used commands are mapped to buttons and hat switches on my throttle and stick, because that is of course the fastest way to get things done during flight.

I would certainly welcome trackable, haptic gloves for cockpit interaction. Not the usual controllers, but gloves, so that once I‘m done with my cockpit interaction I can get my hands back on throttle and stick, without having to worry about VR controllers dangling from my wrists…

Just did some research on the net. The „Rokoko“ gloves are more or less what I had in mind…

I got a trackball as well, fixed to the right armrest right next to throttle quadrant. For me - it’s still a crutch. “Disrupting the immersion” it to put it very mildly. I want to reach and operate all buttons and dials directly, not with a trackball. That’s what VR is. As I described, controller is not “dangling” but strapped to my right hand, so I don’t need to hold it and can still help on the yoke, but only squeeze or press it when operating things. It feels very natural after a while. I agree that haptic gloves would be the best solution, finger tracking the second-best, but those are not available for a consumer VR. Hopefully some time in the future. Controllers are the next best thing, ahead of the mouse or a trackball by miles and miles. This is personal of course, this topic has shown that many people can use the mouse (or trackball) and feel that it “does not disrupt the immersion in any way”. For me this statement is incomprehensible. It’s like they have virtually amputated me and then told be “oh, it doesn’t break the immersion, just act naturally”. Hopefully Asobo will add controllers soon, they are working on it, and everyone could chose his preferred method.

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I agree with the RomanDesign 110%. Operating the mouse in the new CRJ500 / 700 cockpit (which is a very good product) is a total failure when it comes to immersion. Using any other controller like mouse, trackball, etc is a ■■■■ feeling. I use the X-Plane and it is now perfectly natural for me to point my arms and hands to the specific switches and dials in the cockpit. This is a feature that still disqualifies me from using MSFS + VR.
Overall, using VR in XP is still a much more enjoyable experience than in MSFS. No vibrating cockpits with head movements, more natural lighting of airports, etc.

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I assume the last 10% are virtual :slight_smile:

Don‘t get me wrong: I‘m not saying the trackball solution is perfect. Can it be done better? Hell, yes! I‘m quite sure Asobo is paying a lot of attention to this - they certainly understand the potential of VR!

As things stand now, I am able to immerse myself enough in this sim to actually believe I am flying a plane, while sitting in my office chair at home. If i can achieve this, than (speaking strictly for me) it is not a big step to also make myself believe the trackball is an extension of my hand and arm.

Again, the VR experience is different for each of us, but I think we all agree real VR controllers will be a very welcome enhancement to this beautiful sim!

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Sorry off topic, but I recommend buying Buttkicker (I had a long laugh about it before I bought it).
It’s a great VR supplement that takes your flying experience and immersion to the next next level.

And if you’re cheap and adventurous like I am, you can go for a free DIY Butt Kicker alternative, like I did. It’s easy to mod old car speakers into vibration transducers, and I screwed them into my VR cockpit chair, which is also a DIY arrangement. Just throw an analog audio through any amp that can drive those, filter out the treble, and it’s so cool. In Zibo 737 you can actually feel the concrete seams on the tarmac when taxiing! Plus the engine vibrations etc.


I like your idea for the office chair casters :slight_smile:
Very effective!

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We need Controller support AND hand tracking support for Quest users.
We have the technology, use it guys! :innocent:

If this isnt on the list anymore is it still being worked on ?? , I wanna be able to fly in the washroom like with XPlane

It’s in VR Feedback Snapshot, and the status it “started”.

Was near the top of the list before, now there are so many things on there they are gonna be pretty busy

This is so incredibly important to so many people.
I bought this assuming VR meant full VR support so counting the days until this support is added in.
It’s the only reason why I bought this after X-Plane’s VR

It’s really good news. I hope it’s smoother than Xp11 control. It’s a little more important. Learn from the design of finger adsorption button in VTOL VR, so that the control of switch knob in VR is more accurate

Ya pretty big oversight for FS2020 , I know steam is really good at explicitly stating if a game has vr controller support so it wasn’t a surprise for me but still lots to learn from XP11’s implementation

I’ve registered here to vote on this issue!

Look forward to the VR controllers support!

I have no VR headset yet, but I will once a real solid 2nd generation headset hits the market (like the index2 or somthing similiar). So yeah, awesome VR support ist a must for me. I would not mind if Asobo can improve on the performace side as well :wink:

What also is needed is a better SteamVR OpenXR implementation for WMR (Reverb G2 etc.) There was talk about implementing a more direct way than copying video buffer, but not sure if latest updates did anything with that. There is an amazing DIY finger tracking/haptic gloves project that may solve the whole controller trouble, leaving your hands free for the yoke when you need it. Beats strapping the controller to my hand for sure. $21 worth of parts, some 3D printing and there is full finger tracking. Full haptic version is coming. Of course the open source driver is for SteamVR… Just as VRK and tons of other software… We need a good SteamVR implementation that doesn’t costs frames.

Looks nice. I guess it could even provide some force feedback effect and you could still use a joystick with that glove. I would hope a more advanced consumer friendly version will be released someday though :smiley:

You also mentioned that the SteamVR integration does cost some frames, I also have bought this game from steam. How many frames does it cost compared to the version from microsoft store?