VR CTD without event log when pressing buttons

This is for those who may be experiencing random CTDs while in VR:

  1. pressing buttons (like AP buttons and for AS CRJ mainly the APU buttons) resulting in CTD only in VR mode
  2. nothing in the event viewer
  3. pressing buttons didn’t always end up in CTD, like playing Russian roulette

Fix was to display MFS in full screen mode (alt-enter) in VR mode…

For some reason in windowed mode, it would tend to CTD when buttons are pressed, drove me crazy.

i9-10900k @ 5.1GHz 32G XMP-3200 | RTX3090 | 2T m.2 | Win10 | 55" 4k UHDTV | HP R-G2 VR |
gfx driver: old to new, no difference
hags: no difference

Otherwise performance was excellent at very high settings.

Lifesaver!!! This was driving me crazy….thanks!