[VR] Dev Q&A and Feedback Snapshot: please make a VR only category


I believe it is important to introduce a VR specific feedback snapshot,

In the Q&A and devblog snapshots, there are lots of entries for the simulator in general listed by number of votes. However I believe the number of VR users is far less than the number of simulator users and most VR specific wishlist items might never get enough votes to be listed, despite they are as important to VR only, like “Cockpit Size and World Scale”, as some others are important to 2D only like “Multiple Screen”.



Thank you for making VR category a 1st class citizen in the Q&A.

When looking at the Q&A list though, I can’t find the matching topics and why some with more votes are not in the list. Are they added in the “Top Bugs” tab which is not shown yet?

See for example this screenshot of the forum at the time of the Q&A vs the Q&A topics:

For example I can see this one in the list and I’m glad because it is paramount:

[BUG/FEATURE] Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR (161 votes)

TL;DR: The entire chain of IPD/ICD projection matrices must be cross checked with at least WMR OpenXR and SteamVR OpenXR drivers (the 2 most used) in addition to offering a user adjustable override (scale + bias factors).

But I don’t understand the “Brightness Slider” slider topic. Is this encompassing both these for example:

[BUG/FEATURE] Implement a metering system better suited for VR (44 votes)

TL;DR: The Shader code behind the EyeAdaptation setting is fine in 2D but wrong in VR because of the difference between moving the head and moving the eyes.

[BUG/FEATURE] Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR (73 votes)

TL;DR: Not all headsets gamut is the same and we need Tone Mapping Gama Slider + Tone Mapping Brightness Slider at a minimum (and more details in the topic)

If this is the case, I believe listing the topic as a “Brightness Slider” is a little misleading because the issue is not just about adjusting the luminosity (we can do this already in an Index for example), but about the color space and the tone mapping which is something the existing color space conversion and tone mapping pixel shader code is doing fine for 2D but not for VR.

And what about this one:

[BUG/FEATURE] FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is (75 votes)

TL;DR: Nausea inducing and actually preventing a lot of customers flying in FS2020 in VR

And this one which is important for flying airliners or the future G3000/1000 improvements in VR:

[BUG/FEATURE] EFIS Screens Problems and Solutions for higher legibility (43 votes)

TL;DR: solutions for rendering EFIS screens with high resolution even if you don’t have a G2 and a 3090.

PS: These VR topics I’ve listed above are prefixed with [BUG/FEATURE] because they are not only reporting a problem but they are also offering solutions which are readily implementable with minimal effort and time (all things considered of course).