VR disconnects on Long Haul flights and unable to reconnect

I have a recently purchased a Computer with the below specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8-Core Processor
64.0 GB RAM
Running Windows 11 Home
Nivdia GeForce RTX 4090
HP Reverb G2 VR headset

I have found that every time I try to undertake a long-haul fight (ranging from 4 hours and above) my VR headset will disconnect suddenly, and I am left with a screen on my monitor as below:

All attempts to reconnect (ctrl/tab) the VR headset is unsuccessful. The game is still running. It has not frozen. I cannot remove the duel screen nor go back to 2D PC view. The only thing left is to close MSFS down and restart the flight.

I’ve tried to search the forums for a resolve but could not find one. Someone suggested it may be a GPU problem but with the specs I have surely that is not the case.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

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Hi, it’s not a big help, but since I changed from the HP G2 to the Quest 3, I never had this kind of “bugs”. My opinion, the Quest is more stable. You can change VR settings, change from 2D to 3D all the time - during a flight, without any issues. The HP is a sensible one. Had a lot of hang ups/crashes.

Are you sitting there with the headset on for that long? If so, I’m impressed. You have more stamina than I. I also have the G2, but I don’t fly long haul, and even for flights over an hour, I’ll switch to 2D and put the headset down during cruise if I trust the autopilot.

I suspect you may be hitting the thermal limits of the headset. You may need to switch back to 2D periodically to let the headset cool down before it freezes. A quick internet search also brings up some solutions involving strapping case fans on the G2. Perhaps effective, if rather inelegant.