VR Flickering Issues After Updates

Attention Microsoft Flight Simulator Team. I had a blipping issue previously. When I turned off beta, the Oculus software reverted to That got rid of the blipping. Now, oculus (automatically – with no choice) updated to version The blipping has returned. I have no blipping issues in any other vr software

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Yes, it has come back for me after the lattest Oculus update. Real anoying.
Turning on or off Beta makes no difference.
It makes VR FS2020 unpleasant to use.

I also was suffering from the flickering. Turning off beta worked like a charm, only I got to enjoy the fix for exactly 1 day. With the update it’s back with a vengeance… uhg. Unbelievable. Do you all think this is an Oculus issue or a MSFS issue? It only happens in MSFS, however the oculus update caused it… so…

I’ve got it as well. VR is grounded for me while I wait for a hotfix.

I’m in the same boat. Rather sad about it.

Of course, Microsoft will blame Oculus. Oculus will blame Nvidia. Nvidia will blame Microsoft.

I’m not part of the facebook closed environment so I dont know for sure but someone else posted something about being able to go back to a previous version of oculus software with some details here

(Oculus v26 flickering/white flashes - #14 by michalopole818)

Yep everything was Perfect after getting out of Oculus Beta and now with todays Patch on World Update 3 the mouse jumping audio glitching white flashes are back with a vengeance. What a joke… Not like Steam lets you Not apply the patch.

Going to try a sequence of Uninstall Steam VR > Downgrade Oculus to 25.0 > Smash $4000 gaming PC with sledgehammer. Hopefully OK by step 2. Will advise …

  • SteamVR removal from Library made no difference
  • Rolling NVidia back to 451.67 didn’t either
    FS2020 RiftS Unplayable… Fizzzzzzing

Guys revert back to v24, this solved my issue thanks to michalopole818. life saver!!!

Read post 14 onwards…

the flickering is worse than ever it is unberable to play the sim with all the flickering why is it they cant get it right makes it unplayble

yes it is worse than every the flickering its makes it unplayble why cant they get it right nothing i have tryed as made any difrance

I was just going to mention that I am only getting this in MSFS environment! my occulus 2 does not flicker in the windows environment at all. might have to put the MSFS 2020 aside for a while till they fix this problem Can’t even adjust my altimeter as it throws my pointer all over the place.

Part of me thinks It’s MF related. But then how come it was ok on v25 oculus firmware and broke on v26. What ever the cause, it needs to be addressed ASAP as these work around a should not be happening.

Michalopole818 posted instructions on how to downgrade Oculus to v24 and prevent future automatic updates. This workaround works for me.

Check out his comment here:

And instructions here:

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BTW, if you’d like to record what you see in VR use Oculus Mirror :wink:

I put in a support request to Oculus support and so far they haven’t got back to me yet.

RedShouldr5, thanks for the tip but personally, I think it’s on the part of Oculus and MSFS2020 to work out the solutions. I’m hoping the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 team is aware of this. I noticed also when I switch to outside camera, the entire plane is jumping (blipping) but not the world around it. It’s very annoying and unplayable and I hope MSFS2020 and Oculus can work the bug out.

TexanBloke, yeah, I wish it was Oculus Mirror by default but I just wanted to do a quick video to point out the problem. A regular presentation would be using the Oculus Mirror. Thanks for the tip.

I spoke to Oculus 2 days ago 04/04/21, and they said it was not aware of the flashing issue for us oculus users, hence they told me they will address it asap and eave it with them, maybe thats why they launched v27 beta which addressed the issue. At least they are now aware and hopefully, this is the end of the flashing and flickering…

Excellent News. Oculus has fixed the bug! Go to Beta and turn the Public Test Channel on. Oculus will update to version ( A couple of drivers will also install. I flew a flight in Italy over hilly terrain and rainy (real world) weather and I had none, no not one, blip!!! Even version 25 had 5 or so in a 1/2 hour flight. This flight was an hour and nine minutes long and I can tell you, there was not one blip! It also ran very smooth! So happy they fixed it!