VR Global size adjustment

The cockpits appear to be small regardless of IPD adjustment. A slider to adjust the World scale will be really useful. I hope this can be implemented.


I believe it’s something all of us have been wishing for since MSFS release :slight_smile: I wish the scenery and cockpit were both independently scalable.

Though the airbus is the opposite, but it’s the only one I’ve seen that looks a little too big.

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Did you know the steamvr has this feature?

Yes, but I do not use Steam as I prefer OpenXR.

Yes a scale adjustment for cockpits is sorely needed.

I just tried VR for the first time, and noticed this immediately. It feels like I’m hunched over in a little toy plane; everything is about 40% too small, and my head bumps up against the ceiling.

This adds to the problems with VR controllers, because in order to grab the tiny yoke I have to aim down and almost backwards at my chest.

Has anyone found any workarounds?

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