VR Hand Controller demo

I had been using mbucchia’s OpenXR Toolkit Hand Controller setup and a Leap Motion on and off the past few months with a lot of aggravation, but with the help of another user and some updates to the Toolkit that he just released, its finally showing a whole lot of promise. For those who might be trying to push their cockpit interactions, you might find this quick 3 minute walkthrough useful. So very happy today to have this working in a more reliable way. If you are looking to set something like this up, links are in the description.


Wow amazing big up! This is what we all need…looks like really great progress. Is any leap motion good or are there multiple versions? I see a lot of second hand one’s for reasonable prices…

I am using the lowest tier of Leap Motion which cost me like $100. The hand tracking is accurate. I still need to do some flights where I use it heavily but after a lot of aggravation the past months, this was a big step. I’d say if you have the money, it’s fun to play around with but if you’re on a budget, there may be better places for the dough. It’s my 3rd tier after my Hotas and after my mouse, so I’m not ■■■■ out of luck if it’s giving me grief. It’s a nice to have. I’ll post more updates after I get a few long flights in. Feel free to message me if you do go down this road and hit issues.

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Thanks for your reply, really cool this is the future.