VR headset for Xbox X

Apologies if this question has been asked before.
I’m new to FS (Xbox x) and I’m completely addicted to it. I want to enhance my experience so I’ve asked Santa for a turtle beach flight stick (Xmas gift of the wife) and I’m now wanting to get a VR headset. Can you please recommend a mid price set?

great buy and congrats, periphals are essential! xbox though does not support vr atm

No VR! It will have to be a bigger TV then! I’m now looking for tips on how to persuade my wife that we need a new 90" TV

ahaha, right! A good oled for instance will make up for no vr for sure!

Massages and a dinner might help :sweat_smile:

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Good luck on the 90" TV. There is no such thing as a TV that is too big. You can always take her to the jewelry store AFTER you get your TV.


PC + VR is much better than a huge TV! Whole different ball game.