Vr headset powering off automatically in msfs

It seems after 8 months of using the HP Reverb V2 suddenly the headset now powers off randomly in MSFS sessions. I have checked several posts with others experiencing the same issue with no real solutions. After an undefined amount of time 15-30 min. in to a flight it powers off then comes on after a few min. off again.
Does someone understand this issue or a have fix ??

Hi @Starseed55 ,

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Using device manager, make sure all of your usb ports are configured to NOT allow the computer to shut off the device to save power.

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That was certainly a thing with the Rift CV1 and I often wonder why Windows doesn’t default all USB ports with that setting disabled.

It could also be overheating. Have a desktop fan pointed at it during use and see if it helps.

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This is NOT a new issue many have the same happening, not just limited to HP headset. It seems to be an MSFS interface problem ,the unit will power on then when in the Sim. it will shut off. BTW not using any USB to connect, official ports are (game port) & ( type C) port. This has never happened prior to the last msfs update.

Type C is USB.

I guess no help here ,figures …

This is not the official HP Reverb support forum. We are just normal people like you and I’m sorry if our level of assistance does not live up to your standards. I highly recommend you place official technical support requests with HP and also MS via Zendesk.