VR Headsets view goes black

I wonder if others have experienced this. I’m using a Reverb G2 and during a flight generally around an airport, the view goes black for about 2 secs then comes back. The performance otherwise is fine and it usually only happens once during a flight. It’s almost like the headset shuts down but comes back seconds later. It happened at the start of one flight and on approach in another.

Yes, I get that occassionally too. I’m just pleased it is rare and it comes back working fine.

Yes, not often but it does happen. I completely shut down the Reverb G2 between flights and it seems to help.

My recommendation would be to check thermal settings.

I have everything maxed out using motion reprojection and I had the black screen issue. I tried everything before realising my thermal setting was balanced & power was performance. I changed that to thermal performance, temperatures dropped & no more black screens - for me at least.

With my G2 regularly get it a couple of times during loading (sometimes with some white balls whizzing around in the blackness like a loading symbol) and very occasionally during flight.

It only ever happens with MSFS, not with any other game so I assume it’s a game specific issue.

One thing I did note is that the CPU frame time spikes massively when it happens.

Are you running the openxr preview driver?

Yes! This has happened to me on many a flight.

BUT - since I started running a web browser inside the sim, when the black screens come, the browser STAYS. My YouTube copilot is still playing, I can see it no problem, and the sim comes back after a couple seconds. Usually during a landing pattern.

So, I don’t think this is a headset problem as much as a sim problem.

32gb ram

Yes well for me it seemed like every time on finals just before touching down - possibly the most inopportune moment and I don’t have no co-pilot autopilot or anything much in the Solo 103 or any of the other Drifter-like aircraft I mostly fly {)

I was thinking it was a thermal issue although I think now more possibly WMR since I’ve only been seeing this and artefacts since around the time of the last update but yer a historical analysis would probably point more towards the sim.

I noted the above comments about heat or stressing the GPU and flew the event last night without issue. Had the system details up to check on temps and performance but throughout the event the temp was typically 68 - 70 deg. and the performance was around 75 - 80%. We flew up around Vancouver.

Same for me.
Random blacks, stutter and Ctd-s after last updates.
I love flying Msfs in VR but this totally ruins the flying for me.

Reverb G2

I don’t use copilot or autopilot (don’t know how yet).

I was saying my YouTube web browser stays on and active and visible during the headset blackout.

I agree the blackout happens at the most inopportune times, but it isn’t the headset shutting down bc external windows, like my web browser, are still being shown during the blackout.

Agreed. Just the headset view goes black.

To be clear, I am saying only the sim goes black. The headset still functions fine as it properly runs my web browser playing YouTube when the sim goes black. I pull the browser into the sim using WMR and the Follow Me feature. The web browser is unaffected during black screens and continues playing videos during the black screen inside the headset with no issue.

Interesting. That’s a bit different.

Hugely different. What appears as a headset problem is likely a simulator problem, as the headset seems to work just fine even when the simulator craps the bed.

Happens to me in LAX. CDG, and London. I opened a ticket with Asobo and they sent me some suggestions that didn’t work a couple of times and now its been escalated. Please open tickets on this issue. I even had the cable and my G2 replaced by HP, headset is not the issue.

Request #106093 VR stutter, goes blank, goes blue, goes back to WMR, FS2020 freezes

I have noticed an increased amount of black-screen stutters on my Reverb G2 after Sim Update 4. Happens mostly taxiing around airports.

i was having the exact same problem.
Solve it this way: in windows mixed realty set to manualy go in vr using your key (W +y).
No more blackscreen.

Hope it will work for you.