VR implementation poor

Asobo, for the love of everything holy, please please please employ some experienced VR developers. VR is obviously not your strong point, as a result you’re letting down a huge portion of your msfs community. :frowning:


I’m not sure what in particular you are referring to, but I have to agree. I went for a VR flight and could not readjust the ATC window with the mouse nor use the keyboard to acknowledge commands. ■■■!


I’m referring to the overall implementation of VR in the sim. It’s obviously a bolt on that could be described as cross threaded. It works, but it could be so much better!


I’m not surprised: in all of the recent videos to advertise this update there wasn’t an single word about VR. This alone told me that we weren’t going to blown away by what their work on vr…


“works” describes it loosely. im in the process of patching xplane 11


I was doing my best to be polite. :crazy_face:

Experienced developers like Tony and Dan from Flyinside would have been great!


I was a moderator on the FI website and an Alpha and Beta tester for Dan. His work was incredible. I’m convinced he fixed the disastrous implementation of XP11’s initial attempt at VR because the native VR suddenly became wonderful and he pulled his FI XP version off the market.
5 years ago we had better VR experience in P3D and XP than the nauseating implementation in MSFS thanks to his own brilliant version of ASW that got the best out of the H/W at the time.
I think VR is a niche market in MSFS because for one its only available on PC, not Xbox and we all know they are concentrating on the movement to a console adventure game versus a sim, so I expect no real changes any time soon.
XP12 will probably pull many of the VR and home cockpit simmers away from MSFS. Disastrous VR and no complex multi screen ability are killing it for those simmers in MSFS.
UInlike the chap you were responding to, I think the VR folks are in fact only a small part of the community by comparison when you look at how many have joined on the XB. So we can’t expect any real momentum probably ever. Just look at the hit we got in this update, we were the sacrificial lamb to get the rest of the update and Reno Air Races out. They knew they had broken VR, its in the release notes.


Agree. It is clear to me whatever VR developments or improvements have been, if not wiped out entirely from their work log, at least moved to the very bottom of it, so I sadly don’t expect any improvements in the next sprints, whatever length they are.
VR is almost broken for me; menus that can’t be moved, losing controls randomly (i.e. my throttle controls just stop working) and random crashes.
Worst thing is I bought the Deluxe package and a few additional stuff on marketplace, all on Steam, so they just redirect any support cases to MS and MS just points “if running on Steam, talk to them…”
Also sad, as pointed out in other posts, that MS publicized so much about the Reverb G2 being their flagship yet they have not made it work on it.
I guess nothing we can do except wait and hope someone shakes the dev team and put VR back in thr backlog for fixes… months from now.

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After SU05 they tell, “there will be a lot of changes for VR by the end of the year”.
Well, they kept their word. :joy:


This year, aka 5 weeks?

@CursedTester15 - SU05 came out in august