VR in MSFS is starting to lose its luster for me

If you do ever find yourself going back to flatscreen you’ll find head tracking goes a long way towards making it more bearable after VR has ruined it for you.

Needn’t spend much to try it out, you can get an app called SmoothTrack on your phone for around a tenner iirc - install opentrack on your PC, 5 mins to set it up and choose Kalman filter in settings to make sure it’s all jitter free. I was honestly amazed at how well it works (and it’ll work in all games that support trackIR so useful for some of those pesky non-VR games).

Without it I can’t bear going back to flatscreen, I keep trying to look around! Still nothing like VR for me but does somewhat bridge the gap.

nah, im into VR in a big way… i play lots of various games etc in it… i even use VorpX to play non VR games… im smitten :grin:

Concerning dull colors: The original vegetation colors of FS are flat.
I have the 4season mod by Bijanstudio, that works also in my Oculus quest and makes the world more colorful.

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While not as beautiful as a monitor, I was blown away by VR in MSFS. Fast forward to today, now on the other side of more hours of tweaking than I can count, and I’m growing weary too. I finally had it performing really well considering my meager hardware, and this latest world update crushed it. I had to give up a decent amount of resolution to get back to somewhat similar performance. I’m not giving up on it, but I’m certainly not as enthused about my next flight. I hope the next update fixes this.

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I’m forced to agree with the OP. I have a Rift S and my rig is a bit dated now (I7-7700k GTX 1070 32gb), so I had to tweak the heck out of VR just to keep from getting sick in the cockpit. I finally got it to work, and like a lot of you here, those first few flights were awesome. But then I started to notice that the details were washed out and the quality just wasn’t there, so the cost/benefit of the tweaking compared to the Ultra settings I have in pancake mode made me switch back. I have three monitors, so it looks really good spread out.

And to add to the fun, after the last update I can’t even start a flight in VR without CTD. I’ve removed everything from Community and started after a fresh boot. Non-VR mode works fine, so I’m not sure what else I can try because as far as I know, I have to run Oculus and SteamVR.

Honestly, I feel this VR launch was greatly overhyped.
This is NOT the best VR implementation in a flight sim in my opinion and doesn’t even come close.
While I admire the confidence Microsoft/Asobo have to eat their words on this VR release…they simply aren’t there yet. I feel it was kind of cocky to state things about “lazy implementations of prior sims”
MSFS is full of “lazy implementations” both VR and base 2D. Tons of issues and flaws we are all hoping are just temporary placeholder for now.
From this back then…
vr msgss
Source: Microsoft Flight Simulator team has started working on VR version | PCGamesN

Maybe for someone totally new to VR, but from someone who’s been dabbling in VR flight simming since the very first implementation called DCOC in 2015(Now Flyinside)
I feel Asobo/Microsoft has big shoes to fill with VR implementation.

Lets see how I can best describe my experiences.
With the MSFS VR implementation. I feel like I’m flying in a very thin scaled paper/polaroid photo world. I stress the term “thin” as the closer you fly down near the terrain scenery you notice alot of the objects appear as that. Thin hollow 3d objects…ai aircraft,cars,trees,buildings.
I was hoping this new world rendered in stereoscopic 3D would feel more lively than the past sims, but it does not. It feels lifeless and dead on the ground. The thin hollow ai car traffic objects don’t appear to look good at any altitude angle of giving an impression as a living breathing place. They don’t even fit in with the rest of the 3d rendered photogrammetry nor do the ai planes on ground at airports.
The VR’s stereoscopic 3D actually pronounces MSFS’s 3d object/texture flaws worst.
Horrible looking road textures, clippy thin terrain elevations and a serious need for something stronger than the strongest TAA method in this sim. Again MSAA while surely a heavy and demanding antialiasing method it solves a ton of visual issues that are quite apparent in MSFS’s VR.
I don’t feel a strong relation between the ground world and the sky world with this sim in VR yet.
I can’t really feel the immersion of distance nor presence.
While the advanced more modern lighting/shadow, ambient occlusion and textures in MSFS creates some absolutely stunning real life moods in the sky and against the terrain.
It still feels like I’m flying over fancy artificial photoscenery in a high quality textured 3D cockpit.
Meanwhile the cockpits feel like very high visual quality fancy photography inside with severely lacking user imput/interaction with buttons and other features. Still the most beautiful cockpit interiors I’ve ever seen in a flight sim by far…no doubt!

Meanwhile the older sims like XP11,P3Dv5 and FSX have much more outdated bland terrain textures, objects shadows(or lack of) and lighting they actually feel more of a full 3D object filled world.
When I’m on my final landing approaches I’m really getting a feeling of omg look at that little 3D world down there I can’t wait to land down there and explore the airport and scenery at eye level while I taxi off the runway.

In this sim I’m lacking those feelings of presence world scale time and distance because it doesn’t feel like much a solid huge full 3D world. To the point I can’t get into long flights but more of just some cool VFR sightseeing at moody beautiful textures and lighting.

As for VR implementation and tools I’m sure as time goes we will get everything we’ve had in the older sims for VR either via 3rd party payware or internal development.
Hand tracking/Touch Controller Implementation (No Asobo the mouse implementation isn’t anything impressive at all)
Total virtual window import freedom
Cockpit Button Annotation Toolkit/Program
Tons of more VR options like size scaler,better AA options,VR oriented zoom/binoculors etc etc.

Still a very cool feature for this new sim, but not the ground breaking evolution of all VR flight simming by far…nope not even close. Flyinside still holds the torch for best VR implementation imo.
If Tony and Dan were to release a VR injector for MSFS tomorrow I would buy it.
Unfortunately like many other 3rd party devs they are having a difficult time with the SDK.
Meanwhile I understand business competition and protective interests…I really wish Asobo would have reached out to or hired Tony or Dan for the MSFS VR implementation.

Flying this sim in VR since its release I’ve personally discovered I honestly don’t care about all the visual bells and whistles that make this sim look great in 2D. All of these features don’t necessarily equate to a breathtaking VR experience. Stereoscopic 3D alone makes even older building, object terrain textures in the older sims look great. I’m still enjoying the older sims far more than this sim for now in VR when I want to do serious flying. This isn’t my primary go to for now and probably will not be for a while. Honestly not sure if I will ever be as fascinated by the stereoscopic 3D world in MSFS.
I’m simply not too attracted by the way its implemented and the core non VR base sim flaws don’t exactly help things either, but we’ll see only time will tell.
Thanks for reading folks!:beers:


I tried no VR but using the Quest 2 as a big wrap around monitor -nope no where near as being in VR. So tried VR wirelessly and flawed by the difference,more fluid, no stutter clearer and now able to fly between buildings in cities if I want. I cant go back even if I had the best rig. Nothing beats flying around a familiar landscape in VR.

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Regarding my earlier post, about the Oculus Software update being the culprit.

You are correct. The white flashes were there prior to World Update 3. In fact, they have been there from the release of VR in MSFS (for Oculus Users).

I’m talking about the exaggerated effect that caused those flickers to increase to the extent that VR wasn’t enjoying anymore.

I have a midranged system and have used VR in FSX with FlyInside, P3d native and Xplane11 native. I’ve found MSFS the most enjoyable experience to date. I didn’t think my rig would cope with VR in MSFS. As a real world pilot, I’ve also been impressed with the experience in MSFS.


im impressed with Anyone who is a real life pilot… im legs often go wobbly if i look down at the ground in the sim ! …TRUE fact :man_shrugging: :joy:

but yes, i hear what you are saying, and agree :+1:

Ben Bird’s method guide solved both flashes and image wobble for me.
I’m on the Rift S
Latest Nvidia driver and latest Oculus Beta.

i have yet to find Ben Birds method ? i know its to do with the debug tool and a command console… any links please ? cheers

I hear you. I am about to receive (hopefully) my Honeycomb Bravo, as well as the logitech radio stack (already have my alpha). I am interested in PilotEdge. All these things combined are difficult to manage while in VR. It is going to be hard to copy clearances, manipulate the physical autopilot controls, etc. while in VR unless I take a solid amount of time to muscle memory where these things are. That is more time that could be spent flying.

I imagine I might experiment with doing longer fliights in both 2D and VR. Do preflight, startup, clearance, taxi, etc. in 2D, go to VR for takeoff and climbout, 2D for cruise, 2D for descent and approach, VR for landing and taxi (or something along these lines).

I hope for a day that MSFS seamlessly/easily/natively includes tools to easily view charts, approach plates, write in a scratchpad, etc. so that you could do a complex IFR flight in all VR.

On a separate note, I have the identical specs to you - G2, 3080, 10700k, 32gb ram. I see that you use TAA100/OXR100. Would you mind sharing your other settings with me? Feel free to PM if that is easier…I am not trying to derail your thread.



@ MouthyGrunt97
brilliant thanks :ok_hand:


I had a G2 for two days until the USB gremlins got it. For a long time I’ve been hemming and hawing about whether I should go cheap and get a Quest 2 or kick it up a notch with the Index.

In the end, I decided I’m sticking with the 4k Ultra and a TrackIR for the near future. This setup looks and works great. I miss VR, but the sim is just way too unstable right now to throw a bunch more money at hardware. Will it even work a month from now?

Maybe I’ll come back to VR this summer after game breaking bugs from the DX12 switch get patched, and when the HMD software and drivers situation calms down a bit.

The bottom line for me is that whenever I use a 2D screen for flying it just doesn’t feel like I’m really flying. It feels like I’m playing a flying game.

Now MSFS 2020 is a demanding game without VR so it’s no surprise that most people can’t run it at acceptable quality yet. Almost every VR sim starts out rather rough and as hardware improves things get better and better. I remember how rough looking IL-2 was the first time I played it on the cv1 with a 980ti. Now it looks fantastic. DCS has also gone from barely playable to smooth.

I just got the G2 and it’s amazing in terms of visual quality. The only thing holding it back is the hardware performance. But I’ve found a nice sweet spot.

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It’s also interesting how deeply personal and subjective this topic is. Some find VR to be the next fad, like 3D glasses, a neat gimmick that wears off after a while. While others literally had their lives changed by it, and now live inside the Oasis.

3D glasses didn’t change the way you interacted with the game. It was a visual embellishment. With VR your head and depending on the game hands become input devices and change the way you interact with the game. A game is just inputs and visuals. So VR is a fundamental change where 3D glasses were not.

I’ve always said.
Simming through a 2D/3D monitor even with TrackIR and even the old Nvidia 3D Vision Kit(RIP :disappointed_relieved:) is like looking through the window of a candy shop.

VR is like being inside of the candy shop!:rofl:


For sure, I meant 3D glasses more in regards to film. 3D glasses did indeed change the movie going experience. It’s a thing that’s neat to try, but there are enough drawbacks to it that 2D screens still dominate. Meanwhile in VR, I’m not actually using my hands in the game yet for anything I wasn’t already doing. It’s definitely a game changer, but I can see VR still struggling to make it out of its niche place for quite awhile.