VR in the near future?

would love to see VR in the future

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It was supposed to be coming on September 15th, at least for the WMR headsets. Support for the other headsets shouldn’t be too far behind.

Pretty sure it was already said in a Q & A that it was due to come out alongside the release of the new HP reverb VR headset. then support would be released soon after for alternate VR headsets.

Initial was Fall 2020 https://www.flightsimulator.com/july-30th-2020-development-update/

Did I hear right that the G2 release might be delayed? if that is true, then i hope that doesn’t affect the timetable for VR support in MSFS

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Think that may have been in the same text where I read about it. I only say think as I have no idea where I can find where I heard or read this.

It might have just been one of those “bloke-said” moments, where some gossip in the forum turned into fact. :slight_smile:

think it was something official from a Q&A or a post from the people but without evidence I can’t prove otherwise.

Before we get vr support there needs to be some massive performance fixes. In its current state the sim will make people sick from the inability to maintain a steady frame rate.

Even with my high end pc I do not have hope in it being any way enjoyable.


then hopefully, some significant optimisation will be part of the process of getting VR up and running.

my PC seems to run fine most of the time and it isn’t as much of a beast as others on here, but there are a few odd ones, like the stutters/micro-stutters in the Bush Trips, that seem to coincide with a significant drop in GPU usage (sometimes to zero), but not a spike in CPU usage. Maybe a memory issue, but shouldn’t be too hard to get to the bottom of.

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MSFS will be updated in average monthly, World Update\Sim update are all free, and VR coming in October “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rl_onmgoV8&feature=youtu.be&t=2997”

This item was delivered in Sim Update 2.