Vr is an even bigger mess

I had exactly the journey that omarliew describes. However, I managed to program the switch-to-and-from-VR binding and then, following your advice I got rid of the “black stencil” on my oculus quest 1. This had a radical effect: Not only was the stencil gone, the VR flyability and experience was vastly improved. Flying the Pipistrel over the Snowdonia mountains of Wales in VR was just breathtaking, especially as I know those mountains so well. Thanks! But omarliew has a good point - it shouldn’t be so fiddly.

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Works for me, maybe try rebinding?

VR works fine for me as well!!!


You guys are totally missing the point of this topic. Like i’ve said multiple times now. I’m sure it will work after i applied all those fixes BUT:

It should work right away. It has been in beta for a while. No other vr game (acc, aerofly, iracing, pcars2 are some that i’ve played in vr) needs you to download beta software of needs you to fiddle with registrys or have you use the oculus debug tool to get rid of black lines. That’s asobo’s job… Not ours?

What was the whole point of beta if the release is still buggy as hell to get it even working.


Maybe you should do yourself a favour and let the banana ripen for a few months before you eat it.
We all know the sim isn’t finished yet.

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Its important people use some context here. The original posters points are all valid… And none of you are running this game higher than 30-40 fps… Im guessing more of lines of 30 fps…

That might be fine for you, but a lot of people can’t take those type of stutters… You might think its acceptable… And even I can live with it… But trust me if any of you could even play this in VR at 60 FPS you would realize how bad it really is.

Again yes we can live with the 30 FPS… But you don’t realize what your missing… The same thing happened to squadrons when it released… Only difference was we were locked in at 60 fps… Now people are playing at 90 + after fixes and its like night and day.

We need to stop pretending 30 is ok… Its not!.. You got to stop saying your playing it fine… You don’t know what fine is… 30FPS is not fine… Its only acceptable to you…

Hell a good portion of you don’t even know what Reprojection is… Or that you need a good Frame Rate Counter that breaks everything down for you like FPSVR… lol.


This exactly… It’s allready stupid that this sim is almost impossible to run at 60fps with an rtx3090 on 1440p without tuning down settings and ai. So i was allready sceptical about vr. But hearing people on this forum being happy with 20 fps is just a pain in the *ss. and don’t get me wrong. If they are fine with that, that’s 100% okay. But it’s the year 2020, and even though it’s a flight sim… it doesn’t mean everyone just need to be happy with 20 or 30 fps. Most of the games i play are able to go far beyond 100fps with this rtx3090. I’m on a 144hz monitor. It’s not the old day’s anymore. Yes 30fps was a big deal in fsx. But that’s ages ago. Also this has always been a big immersion killer for a lot of people. It wasn’t about the flying anymore. But more about how smooth will you get it to run.

playstation and xbox where running 30fps. And all the pc people were laughing. But somehow if you play flight simulator you just have to deal with this. There’s a reason xbox and ps are aiming to give 60fps. People want that. Because it looks better.

Now back to the vr thing. 45 is a bare minimum. Everything less is horrible. I accept everyones opinion, But i can almost not believe anyone would be happy with lower fps.

45 with reprojection i can live with. Also prefer to use a higher render resolution.

Still haven’t tried it yet though, because i still need to apply all those fixes to even get it to work. And i’m not done working yet:(

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So, i applied the fixed. worked indeed after installing beta oculus software. Tried it. Hated it. Stopped. Never going to touch it again.

Barely touching 45fps on low-medium settings with 100% resolution scale. On a freaking rtx3090. I’m gonna leave vr for games that are actually optimized to run with it. Stick to flying on a screen for now.

Thanks for trying asobo. Too bad it’s not how vr is intended to be.



Of course…:upside_down_face:

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There’s a lot going on here.

You’re right that the current level of fiddle is silly. But if you’re running an Ampere GPU, and trying to play FS2020 in VR, you’re as close to the bleeding edge as a person can get. And, you’re gonna have to bleed for a while until things get sorted. If they ever get sorted.

You can’t really compare FS2020 to other VR titles. HL: Alyx isn’t trying to simulate a flight model. You can render FS2020 with low preset at 540p, and you still won’t ever see more than about 80 fps. That’s how CPU bound it is. Add the overhead of VR into the mix, and there’s literally no way to get to locked framerate matching your HMD’s refresh rate.

I’ve been doing a lot of tweaking on my end, and I’m where you’re at. About 45 fps with a Reverb G2, 5950X, and a 3090. It’s still a decent flight sim experience IMO. I’d love 90fps, but fortunately it’s not Beat Saber, and you don’t need 90fps to fly circuits.

After all the machinations, controversy, febrile debate and ill feeling, somebody, PLEASE tell me
that they ARE having a GOOD VR experience.
Somebody …Anybody.

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When you create a VR mode for a game, you need to get it running at 90 fps on the current and previous generation cards. Once you do that, you can then introduce options to increase visual fidelity.

The absolute most important thing in VR is getting a rock solid 90 fps. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be releasing VR on your product.

This game can’t even achieve 45 fps on the latest cards let alone 90.


I’m with you on not having a great experience. R5 3600X, 16GB DDR4, EVGA 3090, HP Reverb G2. I just purchased a Ryzen 5900X with new motherboard and 32GB RAM to upgrade my system just for this game. I decided I would try it out first on my current CPU/Mobo/RAM, see how much it was bottlenecking me, and then upgrade so I could really appreciate it. I guess I have been spoiled by other VR games, because this one looks like trash. I do quite a bit of sim racing, playing a heavily modded Skyrim VR, HL Alyx, In Death etc. Those games are absolutely gorgeous on my Reverb G2. Outside of the crystal clear gauges on my Cessna 152, I’m very let-down by the fidelity this is projecting.

I’ve watched almost a dozen videos about people absolutely floored with how good this game looks on a Quest 2 or Reverb G2 (even the Rift S) but I just don’t see it. I’ve fiddled with settings for about 2 hours and just can’t get it to look good, with a smooth experience. Also, the only reason I went for the 3090 over the 3080 was for the extra 14GB VRAM that I figured this game would eat up in time, but that may be a waste of $800 on my end.

I really, really hope things improve with this, and quickly. I was getting close to buying a yoke etc. but am very glad I held off. I guess I’m going back to sim racing for the time being.

Don’t forget to turn off vsync. That made the biggest change for me. Running an I9 with a measley ol’ 1080 card I pulled 30fps. I’m just now doing the latest update and really hope it retains all my VR graphic settings. BTW this is with original oculus rift. With an HP Reverb G2, the 1080 card doesn’t have enough power to run it with reasonable graphic settings. Still waiting on getting a 3000 series card.

Well, i fully understand we can’t reach 90fps. And don’t mind and i wasn’t expecting that.

On the other hand, i was expecting more then what i get now. I’m on basically the best hardware you can get right now, en still struggle to get a decent 45fps. All settings at their lowest and even reduced rendering scale. I mean, most people have lesser hardware? I can only imagine how bad that experience may be.

Ofcourse it’s not going to run as good as Half life, wich i think is the best vr title at this moment. But it’s a dedicated vr game. Not compareable.

But i think it’s a shame that even with the latest and best hardware, it’s impossible go get a decent performance.

I feel sorry for the people who bought their pc only to play msfs😅

For those who are GPU limited here a little trick some will possibly don’t know. I have to use it as I have a good core (i7 10700K) and a minimum recommended CG (GTX1080). It make me save more than 20 fps with just one click, and make me reach my 45fps ASW ON (oculus Rift CV1).
Turn ON the Developer mode in the settings, and on top bar uncheck the “Volumetric Effect something” (name from memory, you’ll recognize it). Now opt out from DevMode.

The caveat is you will be on Clear Sky (no cloud), the good point is as I said 20+ fps.
I guess this only work if you’re GPU limited like me.
I have the minimum recommended CG GTX1080 but it’s not enough to have an acceptable gameplay, even with my lowres headset CV1. This trick let me play at least. I hope they will optimize this part.
Just for the record I can reach rock solid 90fps if I set all to OFF or LOW and render scale at the minimum (like 2 gameboy taped on my face) :wink:

Don’t forget to turn back this “Volumetric Eating FPS effect” (name from memory, you’ll recognize it more the second time) stuff to ON again if you like cloud. I like cloud, but I like VR flying more! :wink:

My point was exactly this. It worked right away with no fix.

I understand. But how come so many people have issues then though? I got it working yesterday but unfortunately frame rate is too low to actually enjoi it. (Like 30 -40 with low settings)

What’s your performance? Especially on your 10 yo pc? Because i can’t believe it will be close to what a rtx3090 plus 10900k will do?

Edit: were you allready running oculus beta software?

I joined the beta, I followed the instructions to enable the oculus beta software and worked immediately, I just had to deal with the workaround for the black stencil every time I restarted the PC.
On my old desktop it’s a bit slow but usable, on my Area51 with 2070 it’s steady at 30fps which for me are more than enough for a smooth experience (having same argument in another thread right now :smiley: ), with medium/high settings.
Someone had issues during beta, some people were complaining about crash to desktop, I personally had one at some point but that’s it.
It could be that individual systems have some other bottlenecks. I have noticed that I get stuttering but they are not related to GPU or CPU, so clearly the game stops thinking for some other reason that I never understood. But even during the beta, all tweaks and fixes were just to optimize and squeeze one or two fps more, not to go from not working to working.
This is clearly a very demanding game that needs to be able to work on a infinite number of platforms. When you have a console, developers have one OS, one hardware, one setup. It’s easy to work in that way. On PC every machine is potentially a new world, even just for the software that each one of us has installed and might interfere.

I’m having awesome VR experience, more than 150hrs of it actually. With smooth 64FPS for 99% of the time.