VR issues - Oculus Rift S

Watched a YouTube video that had them. You could have different settings for be than flat screen.

I don’t suggest closing out of the MSFS app from the oculus menu, unless you would like to have an immediate screen-flashing induced seizure.

Mine only updated to v23. Where did you find v24?

Enable “Public Test Channel” in Settings>Beta>Public Test Channel

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I did that. Still only got v23 not v24

yes, using the center of my room.

Dunno what to tell ya then - mine immediately started downloading when I flicked it on. I guess make sure auto downloads is also turned on?

Menu screen in upper right.

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if you hit the grapics bar you can switch from PC to VR also in the Traffic section

Same black box here on top right of screen when in VR. Looking for fix.

I thought you could get the menu bar. I can’t find my map, checklist, etc because the menu bar is not there like it is on the flat screen. This is kinda ridiculous. If there is this amount of bugs and issues, they should have released it later.

you may need to map the button in the VR settings. i set mine to Shift+Space

Having the exact same issue with the black box…

Update the Oculus software to the latest version, if that doesn’t work, open the Oculus Tray Tool and turn off Use FOV Stencil


Hi. I’m getting less FOV on the left lens on a rift s. it’s visible when looking to the right, right in the corner of the eye, where I should see to the left with my peripheral view… I hope this makes sense …

Thanks, I updated to v24 and used the Oculus debug tool to disable the stencil and that appears to have fixed it.

How do you map the menu button for vr? But hard to do anything without it.

Me too, same problem

Help please despite everything ( I have a Rift S BTW linked to a system, that should be good, to run fs 2020), I remapped the registry link to what it should be , because steam vr had taken that, then when I select “VR Mode” it only comes up with a recenter the app / view box, I simply can’t get past that one, I tried moving to the middle of the room still no joy. Is the recenter VR key the space bar?.. thanks for any replies. I love playing things in VR have Elite dangerous horizons, IL2 great battles and quite a few VR games and apps, none have given me as much grief to set up so far. .

Im also unable to center my view. Even in the menu, it just disappears and I cant find it.

Oculus Rift S

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