VR Mode works until I start a flight after last update

VR Mode worked fine until I updated last night. Nothing has changed on my system, I have done all the reg tweaks ect prior to update, latest video drivers ect ect. Now I can enter VR mode fine from the Main screen, select settings and all other menus, I can enter a flight and then the headset switches constantly from VR mode to the Mixed Reality Portal desktop for about 20 seconds then Crashes to desktop.
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
32 Gig memory
Geforce RTX 3060 12GB memory
HP Reverb G2 VR Headset

Update- I can go into any of the landing excersizes in VR perfectly, It is only when I plan a flight and then try to fly it from the world map.

UPDATE 2 - Found the issue.!!!
I usually start msfs with the ATC windows open. I reset the Bar while in Desktop mode, then closed out ATC window. I then got out of the flight and went to main window. I went back in and started VR and worked perfectly, I then opened up ATC window and everything worked fine, furthermore I can re-create the issue if I open up ATC on desktop mode, then click on the X to change it from the blue design to the black design, then enter VR mode and the problem is there. This is something MS has to look at. I hope this helps anyone else that encounters this issue!!


I’ve found any popped out window causes it to freak out when trying to enter VR, so keep any tab (ATC, VFR map etc) within the game rather than popping them out.

Thanks for the updates! I have the same issue and created this post. I will try your workaround when I get back to my PC on Tuesday. Hopefully this will work until Asobo releases a fix for their buggy update…

I am not using popped out windows as far as I know but I may the ATC window active by default when launching a flight.

That´s it .I closed the ATC window before switching to VR. Now everything is fine
Thank you for finding the “bug” :grinning:

Thanks a lot! Fixed it for me as well. It does appear that any window popped out on another monitor will cause VR to crash when entering VR. :+1:t2::smiley:

What do you call the ATC window ?

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