VR Oculus CV1 Reset vr position broken

Hi everyone…

So as title says have a cv1, had the stencil issue, fixed that using debug tool; had the steam vr warping issue, fixed that using regedit
now when i load up a flight, put on the headset, hit ctrl + tab and press space to reset view i get a black wall infront of me…
If i look straight down i can see ground and if i look to my 3 o’clock high and reset view i can see but i’m under the left wing?!?!?
as i’m looking around spamming space its like theres some kind of black wall and im in totally wrong location? almost as if its trying to put me in the middle of my play space instead of sitting at my computer?

havent been able to find anyone else with this issue can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

Where doese that ctrl+tab come from? Did you bind it?

By default the keybindings for vr were not set for me. So you have to bind them in the “controls”-menu.

Make sure ctrl+tab is not binded for anything else or rebind to a different combination

They are the default key bindings i was given after updating?

checked and no conflicts

I tested VR both with Quest Link and my CV1. Both “reset VR view” behave strangely. For me I get black bars on the sides or just a black screen if my head is turned to the left or right as I center it. It is as if the sim has already made up its mind where my head should be and if I try to reset the view anywhere from this position it goes crazy. It kinda defeats the purpose of resetting position when I have to look at the exact correct place to get the screen drawn correctly.

@ReformedColt839 I also had the problem with my cv1 resetting to outside the left wing. I managed to get it right by resetting position in the oculus app under devices. I think its called recalibrate sensors or something.

Aviatorix is correct.
Seems to be a only cv1 issue, i had to reset my play space and orientation to directly infront of the screen.
I also had to reset my height to head height while sitting.

Seems that (Aviatorix was spot on) fs2020 just decides an arbiturary box size around the middle of the play space and locks you to there, if you go more than a certain distance outside that spot everything is black like youre in a black hole.

I only discovered this by resetting my head view then physically standing up and walking around my room till i found the spot

In order for it to work with cv1 you have to reset your guardian and your floor height to sitting height and when resetting the room space make sure to aim DIRECTLY at screen with hand controller when prompted or you will be askew.

Hopefully next patch fixes this as it means if i want to play any other VR game i have to first reset the guardian and floor pos/height.

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I had the same wrong reset view issue.
The reset function on a cv1 works correct when you update the software too version beta 24.
(set beta channel on in the oculus software and oculus automatic updates).
Also the fov Stencil issue is gone with this beta version so you dont need the debug tool
Alse it looks like MSFS respons a bit smoother while in VR (maybe its placebo effect :blush:

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