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Alguien sabe si VR funciona con la “Oculus Rift”.
En el visor, solamente se ve amarillo, y en la pantalla dos cuadros negros.

Ya desactive HDR.

Does anyone know if VR works with the “Oculus Rift”.
Only yellow is visible in the viewfinder, and two black squares on the screen.

I already disable HDR.

Config Oculus Diagnostic

Picture on the Oculus

Picture on the Monitor

The yellow is a sign that you have HDR set to on in windows.

Turn it off.

Thanks, but I remain the same, I have disabled HDR in both Windows and the Simulator.

Gracias, pero continuo igual, he desactivado HDR tanto en Windows como en el Simulador.

You have to set oculus to beta in settings and then you get version 2.4 that solved the problems

Yes, my version is:

Oculus Aplication Version: (

The Oculus I get is the RIFT, not the RIFT S.
Could this be the problem?

I haven’t seen that issue with the yellow screens, but I can confirm that the Oculus Rift works fine.

I did have the black stencil issue, but that was solved after going through the ‘Known Issues’ post:

[Read First] VR Known Issues & Workarounds - Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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