VR Panel not remembering position and size now marked as 'WON'T FIX'

During SU10 Beta testing they managed to fix the window panel position but not the panel size when you adjust it.

So the issue is still panel size, when you re-open the panel it keeps defaulting to it’s original size not the adjusted size.

They have now marked the bug as ‘Won’t Fix’

Here is the link to the SU10 Beta test thread.


When you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see the message. It’s a bit dissapointing I think.

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I wonder if “Won’t fix” really means “Can’t fix”?

It’s probably their call that they can’t fix it easily and that the amount of effort required wouldn’t be justified compared with work on other priorities that they see as more important.

If the community is allowed to voice its view on this and does so in sufficient numbers, then maybe that position will change. This will also be influenced, of course, by just how much work will be involved in correcting the issue or whether doing so would somehow mess something else up irrevocably.

Maybe someone in the know could provide a more detailed official explanation of why this won’t be fixed?

They broke something they now “won’t” fix, says it all really… :zipper_mouth_face: