Vr recent up date missing valuable settings

just in stalled the new up date took out all the mods before up date install . the install came in around 13.3 gb . Any how the sim started fine went to the setting in general tab noticed only vr mode on the line of settings tools . Then opend the vr settings only to find key commands are blank . try running it but the plane sat on the ground mouse couldnt click any thing had to restart the pc to get out.

seems like the update is missing its key features wont run i believe until a fix is sorted by Asobo .

or does any one have any fixes for this that can help with this any work around reinstall not worked .


Hi, you gotta go into your key binds and change them to what you want.

Go into controls, select your input you want mapped, and change it.

Don’t turn VR on until you make changes. Without the View Center key, you will get stuck if it ask you to center the view in VR.

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I think many people got trapped with this (me too) ! Too eager to start the VR before setting the necessary keys… :grin:

hey thanks so much followed your advice all working fabulous thanks a million .:grin::grin:

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