VR - The toolbar windows are stretched - solved

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If you look to the left or right when the toolbar windows are open, then these windows are also displayed stretched. See photo.
The info window of shift+z is no longer displayed at all.

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start a flight and open any window from the toolbar and look left or right

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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Windows 11 Home
RTX 4090
HP Reverb G2

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

last beta version

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I had this, too, and made a nesting investigation what might cause it. As a result, this seems to be caused by the Shift+Z mod from AmbitiousPilots. The mod itself doesn’t work for me anymore in SU12beta anyway, i.e. if I click the corresponding toolbar button it doesn’t appear. However, the apps appear stretched afterwards, but only after pressing the Shift+Z toolbar button. There is no issue as long as I never press it.

Could you, please, check, (i) if you have the Shift+Z mod installed, (ii) if so, can you confirm my observation? Thank you.

I already tried to contact the author via flightsim.to.

Thanks you.
Disabling shift+z solved the issue.

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