VR users still second class citizens

Why are VR users still being treated as second class citizens? Disappointed to see a mere 2 bullet point VR improvements in this update. Still so many VR related issues unaddressed after so many requests and begging. Still ghosting on clouds and distant horizons, no exposure or gamma settings, left dominant eye mouse pointer misalignment, no pre-cashing options … list goes on and on. When will VR become a priority?


Agree! It’s frustrating to see that they don’t give a d@%n about VR users. :unamused:


I’m surprised by the outrage. It’s not as if they promised anything in advance, so why would anyone suspect a fix?

Also this was a World Update with focus on content. There was enough general stuff to fix after SU5, so expecting VR fixes with a WU is not terribly realistic. After all you wouldn’t expect new content in SU6 either, do you?

So complaining now after WU6 landed about something totally unrelated IMHO is just seeking attention.


SU - Sim Update - so primely fixes to “engine” of sim, rendering, bugs, etc. and new mechanics/features.
WU - World Update - new visual content, new / upgraded locations, and some important or possible to do (so rather small) fixes.

Simple as that.
There is completely different process of creating and testing different types of updates. Different teams work on SU and WU. There is no major code changes in WU, for that is SU, which sometimes have bigger beta testing (as with SU5)

Just be patient and keep voting on bugs/features in proper topics on forum. Fixes/upgrades will come.

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Heh - funny:
My take is that PC users are second class citizens now that Xblox is here.
But I guess they are one and the same thing…

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Yes, yes you are. Now. Off with you, back to your VR slums…

(Joke, it was a joke. - in 2021 it seems important to make this clear in any such online forum)


Dont forget the shimmering trees and entire autogen cities…

Well that is because we are second class citizens if not worse, to Microsoft…
Microsoft has had a negative position towards VR for the longest time now. While PS4 has introduced Playstation VR and now should be coming out with a newer version for PS5 sometime next year most probably, Xbox stance is that “Nobody is asking for VR and we think it is a gimmick.”
And since the biggest push for MSFS right now is the Xbox support, VR is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from their priorities right now, and most likely will be treated like this for the longest time, until Microsoft leadership changes and becomes more “pro-VR” which they are absolutely are NOT at the moment.


Agreed!! Everyone needs to open tickets with Asobo. Maybe we all should open one ticket a day!!

Ok if you think I’m seeking attention and you judging me, is disappointing. The issue is that these VR things have been asked for, for the longest time. Since there have been 2 world updates, 2 SU’s, if not more, with no fixes to basic issues in place for VR. That is my point. So please stop shooting down people who don’t fit your view of MSFS.

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Im in agreement. I feel like VR has gotten left behind. The wishlist for VR is barely addressed. Hope this changes.


Yeah exactly… scaling still needs to be fixed also… the 787 and airbus way out of scale. I knwo this because I’ve sat in one… many times. VR needs some love too! VR has brought back many players including myself. I won’t fly in 2d anymore. there is absolutely ZERO immersion looking at the screen.

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But didn’t they announce vr was getting its dedicated team at asobo the same time as the video was shown at how good su5 was prior to its release ?

VR is looking and playing brilliantly for me, I don’t know what you lot are moaning about.


I’m afraid I think you’re right and, because the Xbox platform does not support VR, users will be waiting a very long time indeed for it to receive any significant attention.

In a past Q&A Asobo said they have plans to revisit VR later in the year/early next year, let’s see if they keep to their word as since it’s inception VR in this Sim has regressed.

I’m long over waiting for them to fix things they broke that worked just fine before, they don’t seem to have a good plan of tracking issues & bugs and then dealing with them (so many examples, so little time!).

So all we can do is twiddle our thumbs, cross our fingers and wait.

I also miss the Love for VR from Asobo & MS!

You hit the bulls eye with every word. :+1:

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… and what about controller support? How long must we wait for this fundamental part of the VR experience to be addressed by Asobo? Reaching around the cockpit using the mouse interface, particularly one with overhead switches and controls, is simply ridiculous. It’s been like this now for more than 8 months with no definite plan to deal with it any time soon.

Personally I’m not fussed by controller support as I never use them, I’d much prefer a Head Pointer so I could do away with the mouse altogether.