VR works great with VorpX

Thanks to Belgeode and his ‘opentrack’ tip for head tracking.
There is no 3D reconstruction, of course, so its a big wrap around (almost), screen and rather flat. However, the scale is good, and head movement can be adjusted to feel quite natural. Have to increase monitor res to get good clarity and full mouse motion across the whole screen.
This’ll keep me goin’ till VR is properly implemented :slight_smile:

i9-9900k @ 4.8 with Noctua, Hero XI, 32GB Vengence 3200, 11GB 1080ti, 3tb of SSD, HP Reverb

I got better frame rate with Virtual Desktop than I did with Bigscreen or Steam Desktop VR. Still, after having some fun for a few hours, I opted to go back to desktop (pancake), simply because even with Virtual Desktop, the frame rate is uncomfortably low and very choppy in complex scenes on my RTX 2060 and Core i7 machine.

What kind of frame rate are you getting with VorpX in comparison with desktop frame rate performance?

Thanks in advance.

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My impression is that FPS is less than the desktop, but I haven’t measured it (what you don’t know can’t hurt you :slight_smile: ) if I observe the desktop image during VR, the desktop is extremely smooth, looking back into the headset, the VR is a bit slower. Never to an extent that is disturbing to me personally. Monitor and Reverb resolution are each at 1440 and Steam supersampling is at 250%.

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Ha! I didn’t measure frame rate with Virtual Desktop either. Didn’t want to know! But, I’ve given up on it for now. I had to drop down to 1080p and “Low” settings just to get an acceptably smooth experience. Still, I could see Virtual Desktop being a solution for someone with perhaps an RTX 2080.

I saw those videos the day before it came out so I tired it and it’s working great. I’m getting 30-35 fps on mostly high with some medium settings with a Rift s, Ryzen 2700 and an RTX 2070. It “feels” completely smooth looking around while flying, even over NYC. It’s not real VR, but it’ll hold me over until it gets here. :slight_smile:

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PrivatePyle, are you using Virtual Desktop, or VorpX?

Virtual Desktop (edit: it worked with the one that comes with oculus too, but not as well.)

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Fyi a new vorpx profile has been released and FS2020 is included. Try it and be blown away, all I can say :-).

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Is there a VorpX demo?

I dont think there is. Vr native in fs2020 looks better but keep in mind vorpx can emulate lots of games in vr and thats the whole idea behind vorpx. With this program you can make games 3d immersive, even games that were not designed for 3d. You have to see it to understand :slight_smile: If you are not only a simmer and play other games and love Vr you should try it.

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